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NDB Invest Discretionary Portfolio Management Services by

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1 NDB Invest Discretionary Portfolio Management Services by

2 NDB Capital Overview NDB Capital is a fully fledged merchant bank licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Bangladesh It is a Joint venture between reputed local individuals and National Development Bank (NDB Bank) of Sri Lanka which is a renowned financial services conglomerate in Sri Lanka NDB Capital offers a wide range of investment banking services including issue management, arranging debt finance by way of bonds, syndications, securitizations, equity private placements, balance sheet restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, feasibility studies, share valuations

3 Product Portfolio-NDB Capital
NDB Capital Ltd Portfolio Management Corporate Advisory and Other Products Debt Products 1. Short Term Papers including Commercial Papers 2. Debentures/Bonds 3. Quasi Debt/Equity 4. Structured Finance Products/Securitizations 5. Islamic Structured Finance Products/Sukuks 1. Equity Offerings – IPO 2. Equity Private Placements 3. Loan Syndications & Project Finance 4. Corporate Advisory- Valuations, Balance Sheet Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions 5. Privatizations 6. Infrastructure Projects 7. Feasibility Studies Discretionary Portfolio Management Services Non Discretionary Portfolio Management Services (Only for Private Placements)

4 Profile of the Board

5 Profile of the Board (cont’d)

6 Profile of the Board (cont’d)

7 NDB Group Overview One of the leading financial services conglomerates in Sri Lanka Major areas of operations Commercial Banking Development Banking Investment/Merchant Banking (via JV with Citibank NA) Stock brokering Insurance – through a JV with Aviva UK Fund Management – through a JV with Aviva UK

8 NDB AVIVA Wealth Management
NDB Bank & AVIVA PLC Joint Venture Assets Under Management Over USD 320 Million 15+ Years of Experience in Debt, Equity and Money Market Highly Trained Professional Talent Supported by Industry Leading Software Largest Asset Management Company in Sri Lanka NDB Capital can leverage the expertise of NDB Aviva Wealth Management

9 Market Overview CAGR – xx%

10 Market Overview (cont’d)
CAGR – xx%

11 Market Overview (cont’d)
CAGR – xx%

12 Key Market Highlights - DSE
Present market capitalization – USD 42 billion Market Cap to GDP ratio – 43% 257 listed companies One of the most resilient markets in the world during the global recession Foreign investor participation below 2% making the market insulated from direct external shocks Larger IPOs expected to hit the market in coming months enhancing the supply side Increasing entry of mutual funds would enhance professionalism

13 NDB Invest Discretionary Portfolio Management services
Product Features Minimum Investment Local Investors - BDT 1.0 Million Foreign and NRB Investors – USD 20K or equivalent Corporate Investors – BDT 5.0 Million Portfolio Management Fee – 2.5% p.a Settlement Fee – 0.10% on trade Value Account Opening Fee – BDT 1,000 (One off) Brokerage Commission – 0.25% on trade value Other incidental expenses on actual basis

14 NDB Invest - Service Overview
Quarterly Portfolio Statements Quarterly/monthly newsletter Constant access to your Portfolio Manager Customized service

15 Investment Process FAIR DECISION PROCESS
WHERE ALL CLIENTS RECEIVE SIMILAR TREATMENT RESEARCH INVESTMENT COMMITTEE MEETINGS Stock Selection Process Step 1 Sector wise asset allocations based on Industry Research Step 2 Fundamental Research on selected stocks Step 3 Pick undervalued stocks in selected sectors Discussion Commentary Recommendations Investment Decisions

16 Key Factors Considered
Macro Economic Scenario Outlook for the capital market Industry outlook In-depth analysis of past financials and future plans Management meetings Historical price movements Company specific and industry multiples Market intelligence

17 Investment Philosophy
Long term steady returns Capital preservation (appropriate mix of defensive stocks) No reaction to rumors and speculation Fully backed by research Sufficient level of diversification Buy and hold strategy (Low trade turnover)

18 Why NDB Capital? Technical experience from NDB Aviva Wealth Management
Research backed investment decisions Highest level of professional and ethical standards Experience of CMSL Securities Ltd (efficient trade executions) – One of the top 10 brokers Customized Services


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