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Working for Multilateral Development Banks Geneva, 23 February 2012.

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1 Working for Multilateral Development Banks Geneva, 23 February 2012

2 What are Multilateral Development Banks? = institution that provides financing and professional advising for the purpose of development (World Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank etc) In this presentation we focus on… World Bank (WB) Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

3 Structure of presentation Some background information on WB and IDB Staff worldwide Employment conditions Profiles and skills Opportunities for young professionals and graduates Consultancies Further reading

4 The World Bank I Created at Bretton Woods Conference 1944 Goal: reduction of poverty Provides loans to developing countries for capital programs Close to universal membership Headquarters in Washington

5 World Bank operating regions

6 The World Bank Group Structure

7 The Inter-American Development Bank I Headquarters in Washington Established in 1959 Goal: Support Latin American and Carribean countries to reduce poverty and inequality

8 The Inter-American Development Bank II

9 Staff worldwide

10 Employment conditions Staff and consultants Competitive salary and benefits


12 Career management framework

13 Needed profiles and skills I Basic requirements: Masters degree, relevant work experience, nationality from member country Other skills Language skills Field experience Soft skills Team-working skills, communication skills etc. Analytical skills

14 Needed profiles and skills II Not only economists and finance specialists! WB is… Worlds largest founder of education Funds biodiversity projects Fights corruption This means… Social development specialists Renewable energy specialists Water and sanitation specialists Upcoming… Focus on fragile states and rural developments Disaster management experts Food and nutrition experts Ability and motivation to work in the field is a plus

15 Career opportunities for young professionals/graduates at IDB YPP: Now taking applications until March 1, 2012!!

16 Career opportunities for young professionals/graduates at WB

17 How to get a consultancy? About half of all positions are consultancies Not all are made public! WB long-term consultancies: Networking! (e.g. during an internship) Social media (e.g. LinkedIn)

18 Further reading Cinfo publication: Working with International Development Banks Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter especially for consultancies cinfoPoste

19 Career steps Junior programme Internship Nr. 1 Internship Nr. 2 Consultancy Voluntary work Graduation Position WB Internship Junior Professional Associates (WB) IDB internship program

20 Assignment: How do you show that… Youre not afraid of technology and use it to maximise your work Your analytical and research skills extend to areas of… Your academic achievements are superior and place you in the top ten per cent of your graduating class

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