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JOIN YOUR PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTION International recognition of your competence Career enhancement, creating opportunities Increased earning potential Ongoing development Professional credentials Be part of a professional Institution Professional Registration Speaker’s Name Date

3 Become an Affiliate Member It’s FREE

4 Unlimited access to the world’s biggest mechanical engineering library
Virtual library access with free book loan Institution’s newsletter, Agenda, and a monthly newsletter dedicated to you Access to significant grants to pay for your studies Discounted rates for professional seminars and events

5 Knovel contains 400 electronic engineering handbooks
You don’t need a Kindle or anything special to view them Effectively it is like searching across this library We were asked to find the formula for hoop stress in cylinders – able to quickly run a key word search -

6 Books24x7 Examples of Books 24x7

Regional Young Member Groups organise competitions, technical & social events to support professional development locally Affiliates members can join to: Be part of a professional network Meet with fellow engineers and local employers Share experience, help to build your knowledge and support others Build soft professional skills

8 Affiliate membership will
TAKE THE FIRST STEPS Affiliate membership will Prepare you for career development Demonstrate personal initiative & professional commitment Keep abreast of what’s going on in the global engineering environment Start building the contacts and skills that will prepare you for work

9 REAP THE BENEFITS Students website and newsletter dedicated to providing careers advice, upcoming events and the latest news from the engineering industry.

10 ONLINE SUPPORT Careers guidance and job application and search advice
Membership benefits highlighted Networking opportunities and events page

11 ONLINE RESOURCES Learn more about what’s involved in a career within manufacturing, power, process, aerospace, medical, railway, automobile and construction.

12 SOCIAL NETWORKING Links to IMechE website, Twitter
feed and LinkedIn profile IMechE videos uploaded with comment enabled Details, photos and comments on IMechE student interest events Discussions are enabled in a forum format Regular posts on IMechE news and events, with links to IMechE Facebook profile.

13 GET REGISTERED Demonstrate your commitment to you own development
Increase your earning potential Improve your career prospects Provide international recognition of your expertise Increase your influence within your industry/organisation Gain access to life-long learning from IMechE Gives you post nominal letters after your name that will demonstrate that you are a Registered Engineer (EngTech/IEng/CEng)

Formal qualifications and/or work based learning will lead to: IEng CEng Incorporated Engineer Manage, Maintain, Develop Chartered Engineer Innovate, Create, Analyse

15 Fellow Member Associate Affiliate
CEng/IEng/EngTech AMIMechE Fellow Member Associate Members can benefit from our level of experience and established standards, in the knowledge that our process of assessment is notoriously stringent and retains worldwide acclaim for its accuracy of assessment. Members at all grades are designated with post nominal, which they highly regard as international recognition for their commitment, professionalism and expertise Associate member (AMIMechE) Those with an appropriate degree can automatically join the Institution at this level. Engineering Technician (EngTech) Suitable for those who apply proven techniques and procedures to solve practical engineering problems. A variety of non-degree based qualifications can satisfy the requirements, but most importantly candidates must be able to demonstrate knowledge, technical skills and have the necessary experience to meet all competences required. Incorporated Engineer (IEng) Often working in operational roles, maintaining and managing applications of today’s technology at the highest possible level of efficiency. An Incorporated Engineer needs a thorough and detailed knowledge of technology in order to exercise independent judgement and management on a professional basis. Knowledge to a Bachelor degree level will need to be validated. Chartered Engineer (CEng) Involved in developing solutions to engineering problems using new or existing technologies, either by innovation, creativity or change. A Chartered Engineer might work to develop new technologies, introduce new and more efficient production techniques or pioneer new engineering services and management methods. You will need to show learning equivalent of a Masters degree, in addition to having the appropriate skills and experience. Fellow (FIMechE) A progression from EngTech, IEng or Ceng, applicants must demonstrate significant individual responsibility, sustained achievement and exceptional professionalism during your career. Affiliate

16 HNC/HND Foundation Degree
FORMAL QUALIFICATIONS IEng CEng BEng / BSc MEng HNC/HND Foundation Degree + Further Learning BEng (Hons) + Further Learning In order to apply for Incorporated (IEng) membership, applicants need to be able to demonstrate a bachelors level of learning. IE: equivalent to accredited bachelors of engineering (BEng) or bachelor of science (BSc). Likewise, in order to apply for chartered (CEng) status potential members need to demonstrate learning at a level equivalent to a masters of engineering (MEng). However, academic courses need to be accredited by IMechE on a case-by-case basis which may mean may degrees or masters are non-accredited and potential members will need to adopt another route to membership. However, for those who have studied at non-accredited courses, there is equivalency with some university courses in certain locations, however, it is the responsibility of the membership team to check this on a case-by-case basis; this is not a volunteer or local member role due to the complexity of courses involved. If you or a potential member are not sure whether your qualifications are accredited then please use the qualification checker There are alternative routes to membership for those who do not have formal education to bachelors or masters level. An example is the career learning assessment process - a means the Institution uses in order to look to demonstrate learning through work-based training plus the career of the individual engineer. For those who still need to demonstrate more academic experience in order to demonstrate a masters or bachelors level of learning then the Institution may recommend further learning through (EG) training courses or even completing a module from an academic course. If you are uncertain about the appropriate level of membership you should pursue or what your academic achievements lead you towards you can contact the Institution’s membership team

You will need to demonstrate all three to achieve professional registration Knowledge Understanding Competence Development

A quality assured route to Professional Registration Supported by an allocated mentor of EC UK-SPEC Quarterly reports & annual assessments Full IMechE Staff support

19 Here are a selection of the companies the Institution works with.

The next step after graduation. Become an Associate member of the Institution This will give you ‘AMIMechE’ post nominal after your name to demonstrate personal initiative and professional commitment to your prospective employers. We’ll contact you at graduation time with details of how to upgrade your membership for free.


22 For enquiries about: MEMBERSHIP Careers Advice, Training & Development Suported Registration Scheme W:


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