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1 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Academy of Finland 2014: Research knows no boundaries Tiina Jokela PhD, Senior Science Adviser, Strategic Research.

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1 1 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Academy of Finland 2014: Research knows no boundaries Tiina Jokela PhD, Senior Science Adviser, Strategic Research

2 2 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Public research funding in Finland

3 3 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Government research funding 2014 Source: Statistics Finland 2014

4 4 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Academy of Finland The Academy promotes scientific research and its application by: awarding funding for scientific research and researcher training advancing and engaging in international scientific collaboration providing expertise in science policy

5 5 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Organisation

6 6 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Academy of Finland Four research councils, covering all scientific disciplines Funding for scientific research, researcher training and the development of research capacities (€310 million in 2014) Each year, some 8,000 people benefit from Academy funding A staff of around 130

7 7 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Academy of Finland research funding 2000–2013

8 8 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Academy funding opportunities

9 9 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Academy of Finland funding in 2013

10 10 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND 10 Academy funding for research career Academy Professors (40): are top researchers who contribute to the progress of research within their field of research are granted funding for a maximum of five years at a time Academy Research Fellows (296): are granted funding for independent scientific work as laid down in the research plan are granted funding for a maximum of five years Postdoctoral Researchers (600) A maximum of four years after gaining the doctorate Are granted for three years

11 11 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Finland Distinguished Professor (FiDiPro) Programme Joint Academy-Tekes funding programme for recruiting foreign or expatriate Finnish top researchers to Finland Recruited to scientifically, technologically and industrially relevant fields Applicant is a Finnish university or research institute Competition-based and fixed-term funding, highly flexible The Academy has funded 35 FiDiPro Professors, Tekes 52 FiDiPro Professors and 14 FiDiPro Fellows

12 12 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND FiDiPro funding Funding is awarded to research projects for a fixed term with a funding period of 2 to 5 years. Funding may cover expenses such as: salary and travel of the visiting top researcher costs of a possible research team to be set up expenses of accompanying family members FiDiPro researchers may bring along a key member or key members of their own research team, whose expenses may also be partially covered.

13 13 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND 13 Centres of Excellence (CoE) in Research Objectives: to raise the quality standards of research and improve international competitiveness to increase visibility and esteem to embed leading-edge research in research, education and technology policy to develop top-level, innovative and efficient research and researcher trainingenvironments Finnish CoE programmes since 2000: 2000–2005 (26 CoEs) 2002–2007 (16 CoEs) 2006–2011 (23 CoEs) 2008–2013 (18 CoEs) 2012–2017 (15 CoEs) 2014–2019 (14 CoEs)

14 14 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Research programmes in 2012 Climate Change, FICCA (2011–2014) Computational Science, LASTU (2010–2015) Nutrition, Food and Health, ELVIRA (2006–2014) Photonics and Modern Imaging Techniques (2010–2013) Responding to Public Health Challenges, SALVE (2009–2012) Sustainable Energy, SusEn (2008–2012) Sustainable Production and Products, KETJU (2006–2013) The Future of Living and Housing, ASU-LIVE (2011–2015) The Health and Welfare of Children and Young People, SKIDI-KIDS (2010–2014) Ubiquitous Computing and Diversity of Communication, MOTIVE (2009–2012) Programmable Materials, OMA (2012-2016) Sustainable Governance of Aquatic Resources, AKVA (2012-2016) The Human Mind, MIND Synthetic Biology (FinSynBio) The Future of Learning, Knowledge and Skills, TULOS Arctic Research Energy Research Personalized health

15 15 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Research programmes Respond to topical issues in science and the grand challenges faced by society Are clusters of research projects focused on a defined subject area or a set of problems, funded for a fixed period, and operated under a coordinated management → Greater added value than through normal project funding Provide cooperation platforms for researchers in different disciplines, end-users of research knowledge and research funding bodies Promote international collaboration: international networking of programmes co-funded international research projects Added value multidisciplinarity internationality cooperation impact

16 16 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Evaluation activities

17 17 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Application processing – Who does what? Processes the application Prepare a scientific review (report) on the application; an international panel Makes the funding decision on the application; panel report of key importance

18 18 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Review of applications: criteria Scientific quality and innovativeness of the research plan Competence of the applicant/research team Feasibility of the research plan Quality of the research environment and its strengthening International and national research collaboration and researcher mobility Significance of the project for the promotion of professional careers in research and for researcher training Other research-policy objectives adopted by the Academy

19 19 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Internationalisation and researcher mobility Supported in all funding opportunities, such as: Academy Projects Research programmes and Centre of Excellence Programmes: joint calls and networking Academy Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Researchers Finland Distinguished Professor Programme, FiDiPro ERA-NET calls International joint calls with foreign funding agencies

20 20 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Collaboration with the National Science Foundation (NSF): Graduate Research Opportunity Worldwide (GROW) for NSF Graduate Fellows: Since 2008, the Academy has offered cooperation opportunities for the Fellows within projects run by the Academy’s Centers of Excellence and Academy Professors. The aim is to enable researchers to build international contacts at an early stage of their careers. Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) Virtual Center SAVI (Science Across Virtual Institutes): Projects funded together with The Academy of Finland, Tekes and NSF WiFiUS (Wireless Innovation between Finland and US established 2011, WiFiUS 2, 2012 and WiFiUS 2014 Innovations in learning and education, 2012 Cooperation with USA

21 21 © ACADEMY OF FINLAND Academy of Finland: Advancing science and research More information: Academy of Finland: Finnish science policy: Finnish science and research Academy newsletter For mobile researchers: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, YouTube, SlideShare

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