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James W. Stuckert Career Center University of Kentucky

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1 James W. Stuckert Career Center University of Kentucky
Internship Basics James W. Stuckert Career Center 408 Rose Street University of Kentucky Lexington, KY Introduction: I’m _______, an Assistant Director at the Career Center. I work with students in the College of ______, and there is a counselor assigned to work with each of the colleges on campus. Even if you haven’t declared a major, there is a counselor who works specifically with students in Undergraduate Studies. If you will open the Student Brochure I gave you, you will see that career counseling and coaching is only one of the services that the Career Center provides. You can make an individual appointment with your career counselor to discuss your career plans and options, to do assessments, to get help with your resume, or to schedule a practice interview. You can make an appointment by calling the phone number on your brochure. Our hours are Mon thru Fri, 8:00 to 5:00, and if you just have a quick question, we have drop-in hours from 3:00 to 5:00 every day. Drop-in hours are really just for things that would take 10 minutes or less—for instance, if you needed to get someone to sign your Learning Contract, you could just stop by between 3:00 and 5:00. Be sure to look through the rest of the brochure at your convenience, but for now, let’s talk about internships.

2 What is an internship? Supervised career-related work experience
Allows you to apply classroom learning to real-world situations An opportunity to obtain valuable professional level experience in a chosen career field and reflect on what you’ve learned from the experience May be full-time, part-time, local, national, or international May be paid or unpaid/for academic credit or for non-credit (Note that employers must follow labor law requirements.)

3 How Can I Benefit Obtain relevant professional experience
Gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses, values, likes and dislikes Develop professional skills such as leadership and problem-solving Gain valuable contacts and networking opportunities Relevant experience for your resume Help define your career path

4 How can I find an internship?
Wildcat CareerLink, the Career Center’s online database for jobs and internships Employer websites and other internet sources (i.e., Networking with friends & family UK’s Education Abroad office or other international programs Your career counselor & faculty Attend the UK Employer Showcase held every fall and spring semester

5 Will I have to interview?
Obtaining an internship typically requires an application process and an interview Employers usually require a resume and cover letter prior to scheduling an interview You may want to learn and practice interviewing skills and have your resume critiqued by a career counselor

6 Do I have to register for credit?
The employer specifies whether you must register for credit or if you may choose to register. Labor laws require that all for–profit organizations offer paid internships, or if position is unpaid, students are required to register for academic credit. Immigration laws require that international students be registered for credit. Academic Internship (for credit) Non-academic Internship (non-credit)

7 What’s the difference? Academic Internship
Done for credit on a semester basis Learning Contract is required May be paid or unpaid May be full-time or part-time May be local, national, or international Non-Academic Internship (Non-credit) Done for experience gained, not for academic recognition Must be a paid position unless the internship is with a non-profit or government organization

8 Why register for credit?
Alternative way to earn credit you need Recorded on your transcript Learning Contract provides written documentation of the experience Guidance from faculty sponsor throughout the semester Provides a documented reference for your future job search

9 How does the program work?
Finalize your internship site Choose a Faculty Sponsor Complete a Learning Contract Register for an internship course EXP 396, Dept. 399, or EXP 397 Attend a Reflection Session (fall and spring semesters only) Submit a timesheet at the end of the term

10 How do I choose a Faculty Sponsor?
You can ask any faculty member to be your sponsor—it is your choice and their choice to agree to work with you Sponsor must have faculty status (may include adjunct and part-time faculty or graduate teaching assistants with faculty oversight) Usually someone within your major, but not always—should be knowledgeable of the field in which you are working Meets with you for discussion, guidance and reflection throughout the semester Makes assignments and determines pass/fail grade

11 What about the Learning Contract?
The Learning Contract serves as your syllabus for the internship course. It is not an employment contract, although the employer will receive a copy. It must be typed. Learning Contract form can be downloaded from the Career Center website. Use the completed sample as a model for filling out your Learning Contract

12 What information will I need to complete the Learning Contract?
Student information Course information Internship site, supervisor and contact information Starting/ending dates Job description/duties Learning objectives Assignments and meeting dates/times Signatures (Note: employer does not sign)

13 Course Options for Academic Credit
EXP 396 Experiential Education Learning Contract required General elective credit Variable credit hours Pass/Fail (letter grade with departmental permission in some colleges)

14 Course Options for Academic Credit
EXP 397 Experiential Fieldwork Only for undergraduates doing a full-time internship and not enrolled in other classes A one credit hour general elective credit that grants full-time student status Offered fall and spring semesters only Learning Contract required Pass/Fail only

15 Course Options for Academic Credit
Departmental 399 Courses ( i.e., PS 399, PSY 399, A-H 399) Learning Contract required Departmental credit Variable or fixed credit hours Pass/Fail or letter grade with departmental permission

16 Credit Hours = Work Hours
The number of credit hours you can earn from an internship is related to the number of hours worked. Below are the minimum work hours required to earn the credit hours specified. 1 credit hour = 48 total work hours 2 credit hours = 96 total work hours 3 credit hours = 144 total work hours Divide the total number of work hours by the number of weeks you will be working to find how many hours you will need to work each week. 144 work hours /16 weeks = 9 hours per week 144 work hours/8 weeks = 18 hours per week

17 More about Academic Credit
Credit policies vary depending upon your College. Check with your academic advisor or the career counselor assigned to your College so you can make informed choices. Tuition is charged for credit hours earned through internship courses the same as it would be for other University courses.

18 More about Academic Credit
International students must receive academic credit for internships. Undergraduate international students may register for one of the course options above. International graduate students must be enrolled for graduate-level course credit approved by the Office of International Affairs.

19 Starting and Ending Dates
The starting date should be the actual date you start the internship. It can be earlier or later than the first day of the semester. The ending date may be sooner than the last day of the semester, but it should not be later—even though you may work beyond that date. Make sure you have submitted your Learning Contract for approval before you start working.

20 What else should I know? Contract should be completed before starting the internship. You cannot register for EXP courses until the Learning Contract is submitted to the Career Center and the registration hold has been lifted. You can add the course up until the Registrar’s “last day to add” for the term. A copy of the Learning Contract is sent to your employer, your faculty sponsor and your department chair. You could be nominated for the Intern of the Year award!

21 Drop-ins Tues. Wed. Thurs. 12:00pm - 3:00pm
For assistance in planning your internship: Cindy Edwards Coordinator for Experiential Education or the career counselor assigned to your College Appointments: For Minute Quick Internship Questions: Drop-ins Tues. Wed. Thurs. 12:00pm - 3:00pm

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