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Sports and Entertainment Marketing

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1 Sports and Entertainment Marketing
The Promotional Mix Sports and Entertainment Marketing

2 Promotion any form of communication a business or organization uses to inform, persuade, or remind people about its products or improve its public image

3 Product Promotion used to convince potential customer to buy products instead of buying from a competitor Identifies where it is sold Advertises product sales Answers consumer questions Introduces new offerings

4 Institutional Promotion
used by a business to create a favorable image for itself, as opposed to promoting a product or service Does not directly sell a certain product, but a favorable image will likely increase sales for a company

5 Promotional Mix the combination of the different types of promotion a business or organizations uses to promote its products

6 The Promotional Mix Direct Marketing Sales Promotion Publicity
Advertising Sales Promotion Direct Marketing Publicity Personal Selling

7 The Promotional Mix Advertising – any PAID form of non-personal promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor Sales Promotion – a short term incentive to get customers interested in buying a product Direct Marketing – marketing activities to sell products directly to customers through the use of a customer database Publicity – the FREE mention of a product or company in the media Personal Selling – direct communication by a salesperson to potential customers either in person, by telephone, or

8 Determining the Promotional Mix
In order for the promotional mix to be effective, all parts must coordinate and complement each other How it works… Adverting and Direct Marketing create awareness Publicity and Public Relations build brand awareness and company image Sales Promotion stimulates sales and reinforces advertising

9 Case Study

10 RIR – Campaign Objectives
Increase spectator attendance for all races Build brand awareness for the raceway

11 RIR – Target Market Men Ages 18-49
Live in Richmond, Washington DC & Norfolk Smaller focus on Charlottesville Fredericksburg Harrisonburg Roanoke Philadelphia

12 Special Events and Promotions
Promotional Activities could include: Special Events/Sales Promotion – (theme nights, giveaways, Fan club events) Advertising – paid advertising and co-op advertising Display – signage, souvenir stands, facility decor Publicity – press releases sent to various media

13 RIR – Promotional Mix The majority of marketing dollars are spent on mainstream advertising (TV, Radio, print ads) Focus on the 6 week windows leading up to our events Why do you think they focus on the six weeks before the race and not all year?

14 RIR – Advertising TV Targeted sports programming NFL MLB NASCAR
Male-oriented prime TV shows The Simpson's Family Guy Cops

15 RIR – Advertising Radio
Each on-air promotion is negotiated with the radio station DJ centered promotions create awareness and excitement for the event with their listeners Hearing a DJ talk about an upcoming event generates more excitement then hearing a pre-produced radio spot, especially if the listeners identify with and trust the DJ Elliott in the Morning

16 RIR – Advertising Print Richmond Times Dispatch
Local papers (Mechanicsville Local, Midlothian Exchange) NASCAR Season Preview

17 Samples Used Recently Print Advertisement

18 RIR – Advertising Other Types of Advertising Door Hangers Mall Kiosks
Digital Billboards Cost effective Easily update/change creative Website Banner ads

19 Samples Used Recently Door Hangers

20 Samples Used Recently Mall Kiosks

21 Samples Used Recently Digital Billboards

22 Samples used recently Banner Ads

23 Contacting Past Customers
Renewals Anyone who buys a ticket to the event will receive a renewal for those same tickets for the next event A large percentage of tickets are sold through renewals Direct Mail blasts Call Campaigns (telemarketing) Manual or Auto dialer

24 Samples Used Recently Renewal Piece

25 Samples Used Recently Direct Mail

26 ….What about the rest? This sample focuses heavily on advertising. What could the race track do in these other categories? Special Events Displays Publicity

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