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Why we need a vibrant & varied sporting offer Jason McAuley.

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1 Why we need a vibrant & varied sporting offer Jason McAuley

2 Vibrant and Varied aka……….. VIVA!

3 Over the next hour……. Why vibrant and varied? Delivering a VIVA sporting offer StreetGames Pop Up Clubs for 2014


5 Its a competitive business!

6 What they say…… I dont want to play boring sports They think they are the best and make you feel like youre not good enough You had to do something every second…too tiring It can get really expensive I think people can be intimidated by those who are better at the activity I just dont have enough time…course work…music chores


8 But the positives are….. 71% of young people in lower socio-eco groups would like to do more sport Hard to reach? But the approach and style is crucial!

9 So what motivates the lads?

10 What motivates the lads? Task Orientated Goals Skill Development Accomplishment Fitness Ego Orientated Goals Status / Social standing Competition Recognition Therefore sporting offers that appeal: growing/improving skills, part of a team, improving fitness and competition

11 What motivates the girls?

12 Highly influenced by opinions of peers Activities that particularly appealed….. Sporting offers positioned as fun with social activity Included friendship groups With a focus on looking good / losing weight Improve and develop new skills

13 How do we ensure our sports programmes are attractive… Right Time Right Place Right Price Right Style - VIVA

14 Kate Roberts Norman Parselle

15 VIVA! – where do we start? Five steps to VIVA…… 1.Listen to what young people want 2.Make sure there is something for everyone 3.Create time for young people to talk/interact 4.Dont be afraid to try new things 5.Make it look exciting

16 1. Listen to what young people want Get Coaches to interact/adapt/involve Arrange volunteer meets Youth Forums Social Media Let their ideas/suggestions influence

17 2. Make sure there is something for everyone Consider if a girls only session is needed Use a variety of sports (multi sport) Cater for different abilities Encourage personal challenges (reward / recognition) Sessions that reflect the community

18 3. Create time for young people to interact Build social time into the session Organise trips to events & venues Celebrate birthdays Encourage group activities

19 4. Dont be afraid to try new things Try music in sessions Look at other related interests (fashion, art) Mash up sports! Tasters around popular sports activity Stay in touch with trends Use technology

20 5. Make it look exciting Create an identity Use Social Media Membership cards (retention) PR launches and visits Word of mouth Coach creates an engaging/stimulating environment

21 The VIVA Innovation Lab VIVA MusicArt Fashion Gaming / Tech Social Media Health & Nutrition

22 StreetGames Pop Up Clubs 2014

23 What is a StreetGames Pop Up Club? Traditional mainstream sport…..with a twist! Usually around a flagship event Jumpers for goalposts Informal Relaxed Fun Flexible Easy to Pop Up, anywhere, anytime!

24 Pop Up Tennis pilot in 2013 25 Pop Up Clubs Wimbledon Local competitions Strawberry's & Cream!


26 Pop Up Clubs in 2014………. Commonwealth Games Pop Up 200 Kits across the UK July-Aug 2014 Multi Sport Offer Rugby, Athletics, Badminton, Table Tennis, Dodgeball Relay Challenges Time check certificates

27 Pop Up Clubs in 2014………. Tennis Pop Up 100 Kits across the UK Wimbledon Jun-Jul 2014 Racquets, balls & net How to guide / Training Community events T-shirts

28 Future Pop Up Sport Clubs…….

29 Thank you for your time Any questions?

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