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Youth Action From the shaping the session to leading the organisation.

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1 Youth Action From the shaping the session to leading the organisation

2  What is Youth Action?  An Example from a local project  Understanding the Principles of Youth Action  How do we achieve Youth Action? Workshop Outcomes

3 Youth Action is The involvement of young people in decisions that are made that affect them. Young people should be treated as citizens now (as opposed to the citizens of the future) Young People involved in all decisions that are made about the community and society in which they live. What is Youth Action?

4 9 Principles of Youth Action 1.Youth Participation 2.Benefit to Others 3.Fun 4.Flexibility 5.Support 6.Recognition 7.Progression and Leadership 8.Inclusion 9.Personal Development Developed by the Youth Action Network

5 1. Youth Participation Group Discussion: In what ways can young people be involved in your organisation? (please discuss all levels of involvement in your organisation) List the words and phrases that come into mind Create a definition of ‘Youth Participation’

6 3. Fun Which Sweet Activity!!!

7 Fun Discussion – How can the ‘which sweet’ activity be developed to work in your StreetGames project? Key Learning Points: Activities need to be of interest and applicable to young people for them to take interest; Opportunities can be developed to meet the needs of young people; If it is fun and enjoyable it is likely to keep young people engaged; We all tend to work better at things we enjoy; Asking young people to make important decisions, or be involved in meetings can be daunting – is it fun for them? Not everyone likes to have committees and meetings – default is usually a youth forum!!!

8 5. Support

9 7. Progression and Leadership Activity: Celebrity Chair


11 Risk and Reward Low Variation Low Involvement Easy to manage (safe) Lower retention more likely High Variation High level Involvement More Risk Higher retention more likely

12 Questions????? For more information: Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers StreetGames Youth Action Training workshop Please can you also fill out your workshop evaluations

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