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Intelligent Access to Consoles Worldwide. Computone Corporation develops, manufactures and markets products and services that utilize the company expertise.

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1 Intelligent Access to Consoles Worldwide

2 Computone Corporation develops, manufactures and markets products and services that utilize the company expertise in networking, serial I/O and managed services to administer and manage the infrastructure components in the data centers of large or complex businesses with proven processes which meet or exceed the expectations of customers worldwide. Mission Statement

3 BackgroundBackground Founded - 1967, publicly traded - 1984 Experts in Intelligent Serial I/O, Network Attached Terminal Servers, Remote and Out-of-Band Console Management Acquired Multi-User Solutions in 2001 - Experts in Support, Integration, Logistics, and Professional Services

4 Market Focus Computone is the leading supplier of Console Management Solutions with remote and out-of-band capabilities Shared service businesses providing network infrastructure services and access to bandwidth, storage and administration Research Laboratories and Institutions where the density of the systems and related devices require rack mounting Retail and other business with distributed locations and network infrastructure at each location Financial Institutions where the quantity of the information is large and the cost of inability to access is high Financial Institutions where the shear volume of information and the need for security can have a huge impact on profits when access to this information is curtailed Vertical Market Solution providers who install turnkey solutions in businesses that are dispersed over a large geographic area

5 Global Reach Major locations are in the Atlanta Suburbs of Alpharetta and Norcross Sales locations are throughout North America with on-site professional services available in every location in North America Worldwide sales and support are addressed through strategic partners in each major country

6 Guiding Principles The Value of Information increases in proportion to the ease in which it can be reliably accessed and changed. In todays information economy with its Global reach, there is not a convenient time for information to be inaccessible.

7 Computone Offerings Enterprise Console Management Services (ECMS) Console Management with remote and out-of-band capabilities (RCM) Remote Access Servers with management capabilities (RAS) Professional Service and Support Solutions

8 Console Management with Remote and Out-of-Band Capabilities (RCM)

9 Remote Access Connectivity with Management Capabilities (RAS)

10 System Management Storage Management Device Management Network Management ENTERPRISEMANAGEMENT Incorporates Network Management, Systems Management, Storage Management and Device Management into one complete solution. Enterprise Console Management Services (ECMS)

11 Professional Service and Support Solutions Help Desk Support On-Site Service Unlimited telephone support 24/7 help desk 1-Hour telephone response Problem packs Hourly support Email support Site survey On-site installation Telephone installation support Depot service Spare-in-the-air Upgrade for complete network support

12 Training Remote Systems Management Professional Service and Support Solutions Custom on-line training sessions On-site training availability On-site consulting services Plan, develop, implement and support the right solution for your network Monthly and quarterly custom performance reports Continuously manage diverse system elements Proactive notification when system parameters operate outside defined tolerances

13 Why Computone? Years of Experience and Leadership in… Development of Intelligent Remote Access Serial I/O Development of Network based terminal server technology Delivery of support and maintenance in mission critical environments Solutions for Enterprise Environments

14 Product Development Model Adherence to Standards Small Teams for Small Group Dynamics Leverage Manufacturing Relationship and Surrounding Technology Community Independent Testing Methods Tests Specified and Developed as Product is Engineered

15 Superior Support Services Backed by Providing Support since 1991 Over 16,000 nationwide field technicians Currently providing service to over 10,000 sites 24/7 Coverage 1-Hour Telephone Support Response Time 4-Hour On-site Response Time Strictly Enforced Escalation Procedures Shared Knowledge Base A Subsidiary of Computone Corporation Service Center Map

16 Continual, Reliable Network Management Solutions A pioneer and leader in data communications and networking technology products since 1984 Continued concentration on existing and future customer needs Focused on Training and Development Upgrades & Updates made available Deployment of System Engineering Resources

17 Virtually eliminate down time Diagnose device issues quickly Minimize on-site visits Reduce the need for remote technicians Increase the expertise available at remote sites Enhanced network security Support when and where you need it What Computone Products and Services Mean to you

18 What Customers have to say about Computone… The RAS 2000 hardware is reliable, the port density is very good, the cost per port is good, and theyre rack- mountable which are all pluses as far as were concerned. David Kitinsky, Network Appliance, Inc. We have four PowerRacks in our experiment. They are a marvelous solution to communicate with about 100 board-level CPUs scattered around a large physics experiment. The PowerRacks are easy to use and have been completely trouble-free over the last three years. Michael LeVine Brookhaven National Laboratory

19 Computone and You A Successful Partnership


21 Console Management - The Missing Piece of Your Network The value of information increases in proportion to the ease in which it can be reliably accessed and updated.

22 The Only Constant is Change Who Moved My Cheese? –People get comfortable with their situation –They build infrastructure to make the present situation more permanent –The cheese will move –The handwriting is on the wall –Be prepared to follow the cheese

23 Change Management How can the impact of change be managed? –Invest in the essence of the business by developing core competencies –Stay light by outsourcing that which is not core –Establish value in the offering to avoid being a commodity –Vertical integration may be an anchor which slows reaction to change –Invest in relationships - they endure

24 HistoryHistory Those that totally ignore history are doomed to repeat the sins of their ancestors.

25 Eighteen Months of History There was a New Economy driven by intangible value – the phenomenon xSPs regardless of the x, consumed an inordinate amount of investment capital Build it fast and they will come The worst thing you can do in Information Technology is highly automate the front end of a bad system

26 Eighteen Months of History There was an Atlanta radio show that had a segment called things to that make you go DUH Surprise – the backend of ordering books through the Internet worldwide is a huge logistic problem – DUH Surprise – the product purchased through the internet of a company is expected to be serviced though the catalog sales number of the same company – DUH Surprise – when the business is based upon the expectation that the internet is always available, the business fails when servers are not available - DUH

27 Eighteen Months of History Surprise - When the market forecast calls for infinite demand with multiple suppliers expecting all of the business, there is an over supply – DUH Surprise – When the only acceptable outcome to the financial market is continued record compounded growth rates, sooner or later reducing profit per share will appear to be a disaster – DUH Surprise - When revenues are flat, productivity can be maintained by reducing the number of people - DUH

28 Current Status The bubble has burst – you do actually have to have a plan to make money someday to create value If every animal on the planet had a cellular phone, the supply would not be consumed There may not be a diseconomy of scale, but there is a real cost associated with Mergers and Acquisitions Doing more with less is somehow a real requirement

29 Current Status The Internet and its use in business is not dead. It just has been reduced to reality – the e is coming off eBusiness. It really is just Business Ravages of the Internet will take time to completely heal The web tone is a real requirement – people cannot work effectively without access to immediate communications Change is the only constant, but because of the turmoil for the last months companies are in a better position to cope

30 Current Status If IT should model the businesses that they support: –IT needs to develop core competencies –IT needs to outsource that which is not core –IT needs to have information available –IT needs to invest in infrastructure –IT needs to invest in the productivity of its knowledge workers

31 What does this have to do with Console Management? IT and Information infrastructure is correctly viewed as critical to the provision of access to information Whether the surviving model is centralized or distributed – the infrastructure needs to be managed Management paradigms so far do well at pointing to what is not working, but someone still needs to go to the device to troubleshoot and fix

32 Core Competencies of Console Management Every device in the infrastructure has a serial port to become the console, so serial I/O is core Every device in the infrastructure is connected through a network, so networking is core Inadvertent or inappropriate access to consoles is dangerous, so security is core

33 Core Competencies of Console Management The network infrastructure may be part of the problem, so alternate or out-of-band technology is core The network administrator may be anywhere, so remote access is core The devices engaged in console management must be available all of the time, so reliability is core

34 The Ideal Solution - Partner A Partner, rather than a product is needed to cope with the constant change paradigm The Partner will be: –An expert at serial I/O –An expert at network attachments –An expert at security and authentication –An expert at out-of-band and remote access –An expert at existing network management paradigms –An expert in design and manufacture of reliable devices

35 The Ideal Solution – Partner ComputoneComputone

36 Console Management Technical Specifications Console Management Technical Specifications

37 Control your consoles from one central location! Network Operations Center

38 Control your Investments Dell Computer – Beowulf Clusters Coca-Cola Company – Console consolidation and remote control Cox Communications – Remote management Qwest Communications – Provide service to customers, manage data center equipment Enron – Manage critical network devices Keep your network running

39 Take Control from Anywhere Regardless of Network Status

40 Take Control of Security Secure Shell – 128-bit virtually unhackable encrypted communications IP Filtering – Only allow authorized clients User Control – Only allow authorized administrators

41 Catch Issues Before Problems Arise Non-Connect Port Buffering - View messages that your equipment tried to send before it went down Monitor Consoles – Identify text patterns that indicate errors before your users notify you

42 Management Tools We provide the latest tools to help you manage your domain –Java Client, Telnet, ssh ®, Tip and more…

43 Java Client Java-based remote interface application allows the user to connect to multiple ports on different units by selecting from a single menu screen on their workstation

44 All Users Must Have a Login and Password

45 Control All Equipment

46 Control External Power

47 Control Multiple Consoles at Once

48 Manage Multiple Locations

49 Manage Windows

50 Manage Unix

51 Monitor for Errors Connect and replay stored buffer

52 RCM4 and RCM8

53 RCM4 and RCM8 Features ssh ® Tip Tipmenu Non-Connect Port buffering Sun ® Break Protection 10/100 Ethernet HTML-based configuration Telnet Reverse Telnet Dedicated Console Speeds up to 115.2K Cisco command line interface VPN networking PPP/©SLIP Remote connect protocols

54 RAS2000RCMRAS2000RCM 64 ports in 3U of space

55 RAS2000RCM Features ssh ® Tip Tipmenu Sun ® Break Protection 10 Base-T or AUI HTML-based configuration Telnet Reverse Telnet Speeds up to 115.2K PPP/©SLIP Remote connect protocols DC or AC models available

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