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MUNIS Platform Migration Project WELCOME. Agenda Introductions Tyler Cloud Overview Munis New Features Questions.

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1 MUNIS Platform Migration Project WELCOME

2 Agenda Introductions Tyler Cloud Overview Munis New Features Questions

3 Tyler Cloud Overview 02/28/11

4 Munis Cloud Customers’ Applications and Data are stored in the Munis Data Center Access Munis through the internet - No Servers Required All Hardware & Software Maintenance, Upgrades, and Backups are performed by Munis No Change to the End-User – Same Interface – Same Functionality Guaranteed Service Levels Cloud provides problem avoidance with built-in disaster recovery Off Site backup centers VPN connection ensures data security / Unlimited client VPNs State of the art data center with dedicated operations staff No single point of failure – redundant power sources, IP connections, routers, firewalls, etc...

5 High Quality Premium Service Hardware and Technical Expertise Spread over many clients, which provides a higher level of quality that cannot be cost justified by any one client. Cloud Data Center Staff Dedicated to Pro-active Problem Avoidance as Opposed to Problem Resolution Experienced and Dedicated Staff MUNIS Cloud acts as an extension of your IT Staff; frees up resources to work on strategic initiatives. Perfect for clients with limited or external resources. Focuses on Individual Needs Reinvestement in HW and Staff are made by Tyler MUNIS Application complexity is growing fast. We keep up with technology trends and software requirements….so you don’t have to….lower cost of ownership. We continually are educated to keep current No need to keep up with application specific training and technology changes

6 Client Cited Cloud Benefits Fewer Problems or Issues Out of Sight and Out of Mind Always Up to Date with Application and Technology Extension of District’s IT Staff Partnership of Resources Technical Consulting Services Stability and Security at its best

7 KDE Specific Hardware Configuration Storage Built around IBM 2812-A14 XIV Storage System Configured with 27TB of active disk storage space Accessed via two Brocade 5300 Fiber Switches Each switch is configured with 48 independent 8 GB ports Each physical server has a minimum of two fiber connection

8 KDE Specific Hardware Configuration Servers Dedicated Dell “R” Series rack servers (Dell R810 & R815) Dedicated SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise servers SQL servers are clustered for High Availability Live databases on separate instances from test & train For each clustered pair – dedicated DR server in Boston All application servers on virtual machine clusters

9 KDE Specific Hardware Configuration Networking Datacenter has 3 internet connections through 2 providers Time Warner lines are 2 dedicated 20 MB fiber connections that come into the building from 2 totally diverse paths to 2 Cisco 7201 routers The Qwest line is a full 45 MB T3 that terminates on a Cisco 3845 router The routers run the Gateway Load Balancing protocol to utilize all 3 lines in a high availability model

10 KDE Specific Hardware Configuration Networking (continued) Firewalls are 2 Nokia IP 390’s in high availability config IPSEC tunnels are terminated on 2 Cisco ASA 5520’s 2 Juniper 4500’s configured in a high availability model for access to the application servers from remote locations Cisco 3750 stackable GIG switches Each device uses a port channel and the port channel is across multiple switches to provide redundancy and failover capabilities throughout the network.

11 KDE Specific Hardware Configuration Backup Archive all live databases nightly to Boston DR center and to tape repository for long-term storage Long-term storage done via Exabyte LTO-3 400 gigabyte drives and stored in a secure off-site vault non-catastrophic backups utilizes two I365 EVault subsystems

12 KDE Specific Hardware Configuration Power 2 independent premise power sources in the Falmouth Data Center All major devices have two power supplies (one on each source) Primary supply is backed by a no-break UPS Backed by an on-site emergency diesel generator capable of sustaining full load for 48 hours without refueling We have a preferred customer 24-hour fuel delivery contact with a local distributor

13 Summary – key items In Tyler hosted environment – districts protected by SLA for uptime and availability Hosted environment provides an easy SSL VPN option for at home / coffee shop access Districts still own their data – Tyler just provides hosting Tyler hosted environment has a 11 year proven track record Tyler continually invests in the datacenter infrastructure Conversion process is a proven process Tyler is committed to the success of this project!

14 MUNIS Platform Migration Project New Features






20 MUNIS Platform Migration Project Questions

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