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Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Mike Chon AM Computers.

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1 Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Mike Chon AM Computers

2 What you will learn l How to lower your TCO by: –Using Private Virtual Network instead of expensive dedicated telecommunication circuits –Minimizing downtime through server clustering and organized disaster recovery procedure –Proactively monitoring for impending problems

3 Topics demonstrated l Live demonstration of Great Plains Dynamics accounting software through Virtual Private Networking (VPN) l Live demonstration of Citrix WinFrame over the Internet l Proactive monitoring of PCs with Intel LanDesk

4 What is TCO? l Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is defined as all of the possible costs incurred in the life cycle of a workstation, from acquisition to disposal. l Statistics puts the Total Cost of Ownership in business computing in a range between $7k-$13k per computer per year.

5 TCO and its seven factors l Hardware Acquisition 17% l Software Acquisition 7% l Installation 4% l Training 7% l Support 21% l Maintenance 7% l Infrastructure 36%

6 What is TCO, continued l During the computer’s lifecycle, the cost of managing and supporting a computer and its users is far greater than the cost of the computer itself. l Due to the difficulty in measuring the TCO it is often neglected in purchasing decisions.

7 Key factors in reducing TCO l Standardization l Centralization l Automation

8 Standardization l Use a uniform platform, system configuration, and software packages l Standardize software installation options and settings l Y2K Date setting

9 Standardization, continued l Reducing the number of vendors lowers procurement cost, minimizes system integration and support costs, and reduces training requirements l Reduces downtime and troubleshooting time by providing a baseline to work from

10 Centralization l Reduces management cost by allowing the systems administrator to manage the network from one location l Set group policies to eliminate user tampering with system configuration and to increase security

11 Centralization, continued l Set roaming profiles to increase productivity –Enable capability to swap computers l Proactively monitor the network for problems before they harm productivity.

12 Automation l Important to get updated virus definitions and to upgrade to latest virus engines l Not enough just to have anti-virus software l Consistent settings in the workstations through login scripts l Reduce costs by cutting down time to roll out software l Saves money in the future by maintaining standardization

13 Minimize Downtime l Server Clustering l Organized Disaster Recovery Procedure –Reduce time to restore a system from backup in the event of hard drive crash

14 Minimize Communication Costs l Virtual Private Network (VPN) –is a private data network that instead of dedicated lines uses the Internet to establish secure tunneling between computers –WAN –Outside sales –Traveling Executives

15 Virtual Private Network

16 VPN Cost Comparison Table l Dedicated 56k line l Rohnert Park to Herndon, VA l $1200/month used to connect to remote office l VPN DSL 384k l Six times faster l $500/month l used to connect to Internet. Connect outside sales and traveling executives l Savings –at least $800/month

17 Citrix WinFrame l Remote Terminal Server supporting low speed connections l Allows multiple people to use a single Windows NT Server simultaneously l Reduces the need for expensive fast lines

18 Summary l Support l Maintenance l Infrastructure l Improve service and support –Standardization –Centralization –Automation

19 AM Computers l Our goal is to help you reduce your TCO –recycle capital investment in equipment l We help you plan l We have developed automation techniques for all major anti-virus software on the market l We have developed centralization methods for many desktop applications such as Outlook, Netscape, and AutoCAD

20 AM Computers l We are an Internet Service Provider. –You will benefit from our inside knowledge of both the telecom and the computing sides of WAN, VPN, and Internet services

21 Reducing TCO  Copyright 1998 by AM Computers 1040-B N. Dutton Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 1-800-579-2018 (707) 579-2010

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