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Information Technology Solution CONSUMERIZATION OF IT & MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT Brad Hartig CIO City of Scottsdale June 27 th 2013.

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1 Information Technology Solution CONSUMERIZATION OF IT & MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT Brad Hartig CIO City of Scottsdale June 27 th 2013

2 Wikipedia: Consumerization is an increasingly accepted term used to describe the growing tendency for new information technology to emerge first in the consumer market and then spread into business and government organizations. CONSUMERIZATION OF IT

3 Citrix – Work from any device, anywhere…. CONSUMERIZATION OF IT


5 January 2012: Avanade Global Research - 600+ business and IT leaders in 17 countries






11 Corporate Management Control Predictability Process Centric Efficiency Incremental Change Consumer Management Connected Ad Hoc on Demand Information Intensive Innovation Rapid Change




15 CONSUMERIZATION FRAMEWORK Security Infrastructure City Wireless Infrastructure Public Access WiFi IT Service Management Mobile Device Management UC Desktop & Network Access Mobile Website Mobile Applications User Experience Policies & Standards Procurement & Replacement Internal Processes ? ? ? ? ? ?

16 MDM INITIATIVE Security Infrastructure IT Service Management Mobile Device Management UC Desktop & Network Access Mobile Applications User Experience Policies & Standards Internal Processes

17 Mobile Usage and BYOD are not Fads and IT cant ignore it. Security – Managing Sensitive Data (Public Safety, HIPPA, PCI) / Impersonation Managing Consumer Devices that werent designed for Enterprise Management Financial Impacts / AR / Legal Ramifications / Public Records IT wants staff to have the ability to securely access City data from their own devices Staff do not want IT managing their personal phones but want to access data. BYOD CHALLENGES


19 In the end, people dont think about their Mobile devices like they do their Home or Work Computers.

20 Roughly… (110) Blackberries (25) iPads SCOTTSDALE PREVIOUS LANDSCAPE

21 There are 496 Users using 627 devices with Exchange ActiveSync There are 2576 mail enabled staff accounts As a result 19% of Mailboxes are being accessed by Active Sync If we factor in the 110 Blackberries… 23.5% of City E-Mail boxes are being accessed from a mobile device SCOTTSDALE ACTIVESYNC DEVICES

22 Daily Average of 525 ActiveSync Devices From January 1, 2013 to February 13, 2013 624 unique devices have connected. In September 2012 the same report showed only 505 unique Devices. Largest Overall Consumer: Public Safety SCOTTSDALE USER PROFILE


24 SCOTTSDALE DEVICE PROFILE iOS is the favored Device at 70% Utilization


26 Will Blackberry 10 save RIM? According to a report from Strategy Analytics, in the last quarter of 2012… 92% of all smartphones were running either Android or iOS. …in 2009, the BlackBerry dominated 50 percent of the smartphone market along with 20 percent of the global mobile market. That number would spiral down to a shocking 6.4 percent in early 2012. RIM has suffered significant financial decline dropping from a share price of $149.90 in 2008 to $14.91 today Headlines from 2013 Forbes: Analyst: Why BlackBerry 10 Won't Save RIM CNN: Inside BlackBerry's last stand CNN: BlackBerry's Z10 and BB10 feel a generation late WSJ Marketwatch: RIM is betting the house on the BlackBerry 10 Business Insider: There Are 70,000 Apps On The New BlackBerry, But Not The Apps You Want Gartner: BlackBerry's BB10 Creates Mobile Adoption Decisions for the Enterprise – In fact, Gartner predicts that through 2016, BlackBerry will achieve less than 5 percent worldwide smartphone market share. – Feb 19 2013 IT was not willing to take this gamble when we started on this project last year. RISKY BUSINESS

27 IT implemented basic password protections for anyone connecting to Exchange ActiveSync to add some security to City data on personal mobile devices. Many staff did not agree with this change and some staff removed their profile and stopped connecting to Exchange (although most returned): Privacy – Was IT collecting data on my personal phone? Removal of Choice – The ActiveSync policy made it impossible to use gesture, picture, or facial recognition passwords. Control of Property – IT should not be able to control, wipe, or enforce behaviors on their personal device. CHALLENGES - ACTIVESYNC REACTION

28 Ideal: One Solution to manage Corporate and Personally Owned Devices that values personal property but secures City Data Pick a new hardware platform to replace Blackberry FIND A SOLUTION

29 City Standard Hardware Platform for Mobile Devices: CITY SELECTIONS

30 Security: The security experts at Sophos also note the growing tide of malicious apps for Android, saying that so far in 2012 they have seen a 41x increase in malicious apps over 2011. Android Accounted For 79% Of All Mobile Malware In 2012, 96% In Q4 Alone, Says F-Secure WHY APPLE? Our customer base are mostly using iOS which should provide a better support system not only with IT, but also with Tech Partners and other staff. There are a limited number of Apple phones/tablets and iOS versions which makes support more efficient. Supporting Android with the numerous hardware manufacturers and OS versions would make support less efficient. City Executive and Council Staff are already using iPads

31 IT reviewed and/or piloted multiple products for MDM CITY SELECTIONS


33 Most of the MDM solutions leverage ActiveSync and simply enhance that feature set. Good offers a containerized approach which IT feels will provide the best all in one solution for addressing security and privacy concerns on both corporate and personally owned devices. Good also offers and internal browser which grants access to the intranet or internal applications without the need to use a VPN. Built in App Store to show what applications IT has given concurrence to. WHY GOOD?

34 Passcode on the iPhone or iPad – At least 6 Characters / Alphanumeric. NO repeating, ascending or descending characters. Removal of certain iOS apps and/or embedded features such as the iTunes Music Store, iCloud features, and Game Center. Mobile Application Management (MAM)– Application Compliance, Private application store, bulk purchase and distribution Full Intranet support Full Data Sharing for all applications Good and iOS Version Control Jailbreak Detection (Note: this is now illegal as of Jan 2013) Network Connectivity (60 Days) Evaluating Network (NAS) and SharePoint shares WHAT GOOD WILL ENFORCE ON CITY OWNED DEVICES

35 Current plan is to be Device Agnostic (Android, iOS, or Windows) but enforce: At least a 6 character password on the Good application, but not the device. Full Data Sharing for Good Enabled Applications Office HD, iAnnotate, Good Share, Box… Full Intranet support Limited Data Sharing to 3 rd Party Applications and Copy/Paste Functions Jailbreak & Root Detection Good and OS Versions Network Connectivity (60 Day) No data collection of installed apps or phone settings WHAT WILL GOOD ENFORCE ON PERSONALLY OWNED DEVICES?

36 Unlike the Blackberries, the Technician team will be more involved on front side support of Good and iOS to provide better service. IT anticipates the following support issues: Loading unapproved applications (apps). IT cannot remove the compliance violation- user could be down for 2 hours Forgot my Apple ID or iPhone/iPad Passcode? IT cant help! Application purchase Apple IDs are not tied to a credit card when they are provisioned. iTunes Gift Cards, or a personal card with a petty cash reimbursement. DO NOT USE City Issued ProCards. Notifications and Calendar Events SUPPORT CHALLENGES

37 Application concurrence requests submitted through ITSM self service portal Resources: City Quick Reference Guide – Provided by City of Scottsdale Information Technology. This document provides instructions for common tasks and describes the basic functionality and behavior of Apple iOS and the Good application on City owned devices. City Quick Reference Guide Apple iOS & iPhone Guide - Provided by Apple. This is the digital version of the instruction manual that ships with every Apple iPhone. Apple iOS & iPhone Guide Apple iOS & iPad Guide - Provided by Apple. This is the digital version of the instruction manual that ships with every Apple iPad.. Apple iOS & iPad Guide Good on iOS – Provided by Good Technology. This is the digital instruction manual for the Good for Enterprise application that Information Technology will be utilizing for mobile device management. Good on iOS SUPPORTING OUR CUSTOMERS


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