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123456789101112…. PrePlanPrepareMigratePost Pre- Deployment PlanPrepareMigrate Post- Deployment First Mailbox.

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4 123456789101112…. PrePlanPrepareMigratePost Pre- Deployment PlanPrepareMigrate Post- Deployment First Mailbox

5 Pilot DeployEnhance


7 Pilot complete Deploy Complete Adopt new features


9 Pilot the service quickly Sign-on User signs into Office 365 with a Cloud ID ( Pilot the new Exchange mailbox Mail New mailbox in the cloud Inbox content populated via Connected account User sends/receives email as User PST import option for additional content migration (mail/calendar/contacts) Pilot the new collaboration tools Collaboration Run online meetings with computer & app sharing, video, and PC-to-PC calling Collaborate using SharePoint Online team site and newsfeeds Easily store files in the cloud with SkyDrive Pro and share file with external users Office across multiple devices Clients Access the service via a browser - Office Web Apps across devices and platforms User self-install of Office 365 ProPlus side-by-side with existing Office client installations Experience Office anywhere Mobile Mobile connectivity options are built into the service – just start connecting devices Connect to Office 365 via mobile devices with Exchange Active Sync for mail Platform specific mobile apps bring best experience where it makes sense Control & manage your pilot Administration Centralized administration from the Office 365 admin center in the service. Online management centers for Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync. Service control in admin center


11 Enhance


13 Integrated identity management Sign-on Sign-on with the same user and password as on premises Integrated mail flow and migration Mail Global address list Full mail content migration – mail, calendar, contacts Sharing and working with others Collaboration Lync business partner federation Site governance and provisioning support Setup of Apps for Office corporate app catalog IT managed client productivity Clients Office 365 ProPlus deployed to user desktop via IT process Managed mobile connectivity Mobile Send and receive mail from mobile device as on-prem email Control & monitor Administration Data loss prevention configuration (limited) Exchange Online Protection mail protection configuration (limited) Setup in days Adds on-premises integration Pilot user and info is sustained IT driven migration Mail migration that best fits environment

14 Enhance




18 Decision points Identity type Namespace Migration approach

19 FastTrack enablers Engineering enhancements

20 Guidance tailored to meet your environment Environmental checks to aid in identifying remediation tasks to ensure successful onboarding








28 Does not require nor access the plain text password No requirement for AD reversible encrypted format AD user password hash is hashed again using a non- reversible encryption function and digest is synchronized into Azure AD The digest in Azure AD cannot be used to access resources in the customer’s on-premises environment

29 Password Sync is one-way synchronization from on-premises to the cloud Password Complexity Policy implemented in the on-premises AD is the master policy Password Expiration Policy on the Azure AD is set to “Never Expire” Password expiration and sync to Azure AD is driven by on-premises events

30 Customers with Exchange 2010 SP3 or Exchange 2013 on- premises can deploy Exchange hybrid in step 2 The built in Hybrid Configuration Wizard automates the process Enables hybrid configuration to be completed within timelines and effort requirements of step 2 Details are available on TechNet


32 Advanced integration Sign-on Single sign-on / ADFS 3 rd Party identity providers – “Works with program” Advance migration scenarios Mail Notes migrations Hybrid Exchange for 2007 or 2003 Advanced integration and solution building Collaboration Lync or SharePoint hybrid SharePoint solutions – including BCS, Duet, etc. Advanced client management capabilities Clients Virtual desktop and virtual application scenarios Connect to the service Mobile Blackberry Enterprise Sever integration Leverage advanced service controls Administration Data loss prevention configuration Exchange Online Protection mail protection configuration Adds scenarios Extended durations Customer specific implementation Ability to add to deployed clients at point in the future

33 Enhance


35 Decision points Hybrid use Authentication requirements Additional scenarios

36 Start FastTrack

37 m






43 Appendix

44 Enhance


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