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Mobile Protection Overview

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1 Mobile Protection Overview
Pedro Pinto Sophos Confidential

2 Introduction Modern generation of smart phones Challenges
Offer broad functionality and great variety of possible applications Can be used as a platform for business applications Challenges The more in function, the more complex the device becomes They become integral part of networks Danger through non-authorized usage They become the "weakest link" in an otherwise well secured IT infrastructure (“backdoor devices")

3 Deal with lost or stolen devices
What we offer today Allow access Deal with lost or stolen devices Manage apps Make life easier for IT Many organizations are already giving people access to corporate from a personal device, but how safe is that? What if the phone’s owner decides that having a pin or password on the phone is a hassle, so they’re not going to bother using it? If that phone is lost or stolen then whoever finds it has immediate access to the data on it. It’s also useful to know what a user is doing with their device, how much data they use and what apps they have installed. The last thing IT departments need is more to manage and more helpdesk calls to deal with, so users should be able to manage their mobiles themselves. These our the required capabilities for most standard Sophos midmarket customers today. A customer who has never thought about managing mobiles and needs to make sure that data on them is kept safe, this is step one. And we should be talking about we understand their challenges and are developing solutions to take them up the rest of the steps ...

4 Sophos Mobile Control A Mobile Device Management solution that provides: Configuration of the phone Addresses concerns regarding loss/theft Supports employees’ personal devices DIY device management with a self service portal For Apple, Android and Windows Mobile

5 High Level Functionality Matrix
Notes Master heading here Enter Date here High Level Functionality Matrix iPhone/iPAD Android Win Mobile 6.x Loss/Theft Protection Y Remote Configuration (Y)* Controlled Access Self Service Portal -* Device Status Reporting SMC client apps on Android and Windows Mobile Distributed over-the-air from SMC server Autostart at device boot Minimal user interaction (non intrusive) Apple iPhone and iPad are controlled with the build-in management client * Additional Android functionality will be added with the next versions Enter Footer text here

Login credentials: Customer = SE-UK Username = Admin-uk Password = Sophos-uk

7 Sophos Mobile Control 2011 2012 SMC 2.0 SMC 2.5 SMC 2.0 SMC 2.5
Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar 2012 Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Apr May SMC 2.0 SMC 2.5 SMC 2.0 Compliance Check Jailbreak detection (iOS) Enterprise App Store (iOS+Android) Dashboard Backup & Restore Task Bundles WebService API C2DM Push for Android New platforms Blackberry, iOS 5, Android Tablets SMC 2.5 GUI Improvements Decommissioning of phones Audit trail Symbian Support Support of vendor specific MDM APIs for Android Phones from Lenovo, Samsung, Motorola, HTC (*) SMC 3.x (*) * Release date not allocated Windows Phone 7 support Management of Mobile Security Management of Mobile Encryption Support of vendor specific MDM APIs for Android Phones from Lenovo, Samsung, Motorola, HTC (*) Sophos Confidential (*) Depending in API and hardware availability

8 Sophos Mobile Security
2011 Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar 2012 Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Apr May Mobile Security 1.0 Mobile Security Free Security solution for Android phones and tablets. Loss and Theft Protection: Lock, Wipe, Locate, ... Malicious apps Real time and on demand scan Application white- and blacklisting Cloud based live protection from Sophos Labs Privacy Advisor Mobile Security 2.0 (*) * Release date not allocated Management by Sophos Mobile Control Extended malicious apps protection Scheduled Scan Enterprise white-/blacklists Sophos Confidential

9 Sophos Mobile Encryption
2011 Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar 2012 Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Apr May Mobile Encryption 1.0 Mobile Encryption 1.0 Mobile access to encrypted documents stored in the cloud Dropbox Egnyte Integrated into SafeGuard Enterprise 6.0 Platforms: iOS Android Mobile Encryption 2.0(*) * Release date not allocated Managed by Sophos Mobile Control Support more cloud provider Local encryption vault Sophos Confidential

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