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Welcome to Class 3 Teachers: Mr Dawkins Broad Town C of E Primary School.

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1 Welcome to Class 3 Teachers: Mr Dawkins Broad Town C of E Primary School

2 The start and End of the Day Morning Routine Bell at 8.55 ready for a prompt start at 9am. Children must stay out on the playground and should not go into the cloakroom/classroom area unless instructed by a member of staff. No playing on the play structures before or after school. Children are expected to put away their own lunch boxes, coats etc and to change their reading book if necessary. Home time 3.15 Please be in the playground ready to collect your child(ren) at 3.15 Children will come out to you once they have been dismissed. If no one is there to collect them, children will wait on the benches, or in Class 1, supervised by a member of staff. Children are expected to take home everything they need, including letters, and sort themselves out independently; please encourage them to do this.

3 A typical day in class 3… Morning Tasks – 10 minute mental maths and 10 minute spelling practise Literacy Assembly Playtime Maths Lunch Guided Reading Other subjects (e.g Science, History, P.E, art etc) Story

4 Groupings Children will be taught in ability groups for English, Maths, Spelling and Guided Reading. These groupings are often quite flexible and take account of pupils’ ability for the topic being studied. Groups are not permanent and children may move groups throughout the year.

5 Rewards and Sanctions Traffic Lights - children start each day on the green - if they do not follow the rules they are moved to the black as a warning. - if they continue to make the wrong choice they are moved to the orange and will miss some playtime. - if they have to move to the red they miss more playtime. Miss Long will be informed and a record kept of this. Rewards - praise and positive comments. - stickers and certificates. - pasta in the jar (children have to fill the jar to earn a reward).

6 Homework All homework is given out on Friday and is expected to be returned the next Wednesday. Please encourage your children to hand in homework on time as late homework may not be marked. If your child has any problems completing a homework task please let me know as soon as possible – rather than leave it until the day it is supposed to be in. Homework consists of….. One piece of English, Maths and one other subject, based on work covered the previous week or preparation for the next week. Four reading log entries. Spellings

7 Reading Children will have one guided reading session per week with the class teacher when a range of reading skills will be taught. Children will be expected to practise these skills independently in follow up sessions. Children may have further opportunities to read with a parent or TA when they are available. It would be helpful to your child if you could find the opportunity to talk to them and question them about what they have read and what reading skills they have been practising when they read at home. Mrs Mitchell, Miss Hyner and Mrs Dutnall

8 Reading Incentive Children will be expected to read at home at least four times a week as part of homework. This must be recorded in their reading logs and signed by an adult which will be checked on a weekly basis. Children are responsible for making sure they hand in their record on a Friday morning. If the children complete this they earn ‘golden time’ on a Friday. If they do not read, they are expected to use this time to catch up on their reading.

9 Reading Rewards This year we will also award certificates to children who complete a large amount of reading. Each read will be recorded on the reward chart. Once a child reaches 50 reads, they receive a certificate in Friday’s celebration assembly. Since there are 7 days in a week, we will only record a maximum of 7 reads on the chart each week.

10 Handwriting To encourage pupils to improve their handwriting, they can aim to attain a pe license. When their writing is accurately formed, correctly sized and spaced, and joined correctly, then they earn their pen! Please encourage pupils to use neat handwriting for homework too! Mrs Dutnall

11 Big Write We will be continuing "Big Write” sessions to help develop pupils’ writing skills. After gathering ideas and vocabulary through games and discussions, pupils write independently for 45 minutes each week, and are given specific targets, which they include in their writing, e.g. to start at least 2 sentences using a connective (If, When, Although etc) Mrs Dutnall

12 Targets Targets allows us to focus on an area that we feel needs improvement. Literacy- Children will be given 3 Big Write Targets, at least one of which this term will focus on punctuation. When a child has demonstrated that they have achieved this target 3 times, they will be given a target achieved certificate in assembly. Separate badges will also be awarded for punctuation as this is a whole school focus this term. Maths-this term we will be focusing on place value and written calculation methods, as well as 2D and 3D shapes.

13 General Reminders Please check that all uniform is named. PE-all children must have a fully named PE kit in school everyday. There must be no jewellery worn during PE. If you wish your child to continue to wear ear studs during these sessions, written permission must be given accepting responsibility if an accident occurs. Information comes home with your eldest child in the form of a letter. If they are away the letter will be put in their drawer. Book bags and reading logs should come to school everyday. Water helps children to stay hydrated during the day, please make sure children have named water bottles and they are washed regularly. Please encourage children to bring a healthy variety of foods for break and lunch!

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