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Year 8 Information Evening Thursday 13 th November 2014.

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1 Year 8 Information Evening Thursday 13 th November 2014

2 Aims of tonight’s session To gain a greater understanding of pupil progress and meeting targets To explore how Year 8s should be as learners in order for progress to be sustained Year 8-9 Options Strategies to support pupils at home

3 Year 8 Learner Building Independence Is responsible for having full equipment (full pencil case, planner, spare paper, folder in which to place work completed in the lesson and homework) Has excellent attendance and punctuality to school and lessons Completes tasks set in lessons Completes homework Meets deadlines Is aware of target grades and if progress is being made Able to set and review targets through feedback on green stamp Uses school Gmail to contact teachers and other pupils

4 Consolidating Independence Grasping opportunities to extend and improve learning: – Using and accessing resources (alternative text books, LP resources, weblinks) – Adopting a creative approach to learning (peer-to- peer support; podcasts; start your own study group; email peers via google mail) – Read around the subject!

5 ICT access in school School library has a number of computers & laptops available for use School library is open from 07:30 every day Late bus on Mondays Have a conversation with your subject teacher about using resources in departments Homework Club Tues - Thurs

6 Consolidating Independence Fully engaged and sustaining concentration: – Listening with purpose – Asking questions to clarify and further understanding – Asking questions out of curiosity “what if?” – Being involved in all parts of a lesson – Using time in lessons effectively and with purpose

7 Consolidating Independence Learning collaboratively and independently: – Collaborate with a sense of purpose and commitment – Show initiative and drive (not needing the teacher to direct) – Know where to study and how to study

8 Consolidating Independence Demonstrate an intellectual and enquiring mindset: – Think rigorously in detail and depth – Be persistent to overcome frustration – Problem solve – Think creatively and imaginatively – Challenge yourself

9 Consolidating Independence Knowing how to improve: – Plan learning – Know what support is needed and ask for it – Engage in discussion with subject staff and peers – Bounce back, be resilient (be able to deal with failure)

10 Accelerated Reader

11 Reading All pupils will be guided in their choice of reading books and will be expected to have their reading book with them each day We will read four times a week Pupils will be expected to read at home The reward will be in their success but there will be quizzes and competitions to keep them motivated

12 Strategies to Support at Home Talk to your child about their homework (not have you done it!) Encourage reading....(any reading is better than none!) Surf the net with them! Research topics together Encourage your child to attend extended curriculum courses (Mondays), trips and excursions to extend learning Recognise achievement and progress Keep in contact with subject teachers – we are here to help

13 Year 9 Curriculum English – 5 periods Maths- 5 periods Science – 6 periods (individual sciences) RE – 4 periods Hi or Gg- 3 periods Tech – 3 periods Languages – 3 periods ICT – 2 periods Ar/Mu/Dr/Pe – 3 periods

14 Expressive Arts in Year 9 Your child will choose their Expressive Art for GCSE courses in June 2015. This is when we start Year 9. Pupils will begin GCSE courses and skills in earnest. Pupils are not allowed to take up ‘new’ Expressive Arts subjects in Year 10 when GCSE choices are made so select with care Your child studies two out of four at the moment. Your child must select one of the two courses they are currently studying from: – Art – Drama – Music – PE

15 History and Geography At present your child studies History and Geography. Pupils will make a choice between History or Geography to study in Y9 – 11. Pupils will begin GCSE skills and relevant content in June 2015

16 Timeline November 2014 – assembly by Miss O’Sullivan November 2014- letters handed out to pupils Friday 11 th January 2014 – Deadline for handing forms in to Mrs Digby in room B101 We can’t guarantee both selections but last year all pupils were able to take their selected two subjects

17 Questions Which two subjects do I enjoy the most? Which two subjects am I best at? What do my parents think? Am I taking a long term view? What does my mentor think? Are their any possible career links? Your teachers are available for help if needed

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