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Chapter 12 The Roman Empire 50-BC to AD 150

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1 Chapter 12 The Roman Empire 50-BC to AD 150

2 Cicero Cicero, a gifted philosopher and orator, wanted to make Rome a better place. He wanted the Romans to give the power to the Senate.

3 Julius Caesar

4 Pompey was a very powerful man in Rome
Pompey was a very powerful man in Rome. He was also a very good friend of Caesar. He worked to fight against the Senate. He and Caesar would change the course of history. He would eventually work against Caesar, trying to take his power away from him. Pompey

5 Julius Caesar BC Caesar was probably the greatest general in history. As a general he was becoming a very powerful figure in Rome. Worried that he was becoming too powerful, the Senate ordered him back to Rome to arrest him and take away his command. Caesar, knowing that this would be considered an act of war, in defiance, he marched his troops back to Rome.

6 Caesar Becomes Dictator
Caesar seized power from the Senate and became dictator of the entire Roman Empire.

7 The Death Of Caesar A group of senators under the leadership of Brutus, a young senator and Caesar’s friend, murdered Caesar on, March 15th, also known as the Ides of March, 44 BC.

8 Marcus Junius Brutus Caepio
85-42 BC Young senator Friend of Caesar Leader of the group of Senators who murdered Caesar. Later committed suicide

9 Marc Antony (Marcus Antonius)
83-30 BC Assistant to Caesar Helped to punish those who murdered Caesar Married Cleopatra Battled Octavian for power and lost. Committed suicide so he wouldn’t be taken prisoner.

10 Augustus Gaius Julius Caesar (Octavian) 63 BC-14 AD
Octavian, later called Augustus, was Caesar’s adopted son, because Caesar only had a daughter, named Julia. He, along with Marc Antony, worked to punish the people who had killed Caesar. He eventually became Emperor of the Roman empire. As a leader, he was considered one of Rome’s best.

11 Cleopatra 69-30 BC Queen of Egypt “Queen”of Julius Caesar
Married Marc Antony Her bid to rule Rome with Marc Antony was defeated by Octavian. Committed suicide

12 The Vast Roman Empire

13 Hadrian (Publius Hadrianus)
Joined the army when he was 14 years old. Great military leader. Was considered a good Emperor. Built Hadrian’s wall in Great Britain.

14 Hadrian’s Wall

15 Hadrian’s Wall Present Day

16 Hadrian’s Wall

17 Hadrian’s Wall

18 Roman Trade Routes

19 First 200 years of the Roman Empire were a time of general peace and prosperity.
There was a stable government, an organized military, and no major wars or rebellions. It lasted until about AD 180. Pax Romana

20 Pompeii destroyed in 79 AD

21 Beautiful temples Chariot races were held here Palatine Hill Then

22 Chariot Race

23 Palatine Hill Now

24 Villas

25 Roman Roads

26 Galen

27 Roman Road in Great Britain
Roman roads were built primarily for Rome’s military legions to travel throughout the empire.

28 Roman Road Construction

29 Roman Road Construction

30 More Roman Roads

31 Cement The Romans invented cement, a product that allowed their structures to last for centuries.

32 Roman Arches A Roman aqueduct

33 Roman Arch Construction

34 Vaults A vault is a set of arches that supports the roof of a building. The Romans used vaults to create a huge, open area within buildings.

35 The Colosseum

36 The Colosseum Today

37 Gladiators fought in the Colosseum

38 Roman Dome

39 Pantheon Present Past Present

40 Virgil… Wrote a great epic poem about the founding of Rome

41 Ovid…Wrote poems about Roman Mythology

42 Roman Theater An ancient Roman theater in France still used today

43 Romance languages developed from Latin and influence how people speak and write today. Modern languages are based on the Roman language France Spain Romania Portugal

44 And of course, Italy

45 Roman law inspired a system called civil law
Roman law inspired a system called civil law. Civil law is a legal system based on a written code of law.

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