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1 EBSCOhost Collection Manager Patron Driven Acquisition Tutorial

2 Welcome to the EBSCOhost Collection Manager tutorial on Patron Driven Acquisition. Patron Driven Acquisition or (PDA) is an acquisition method for acquiring content chosen by patrons rather than librarians. PDA lists are sets of titles that are exposed to patrons for browsing. These titles are not purchased until the title is triggered by a patron in EBSCOhost.

3 PDA list titles are purchased once any of several triggers are activated by a user, including browsing a title for 10 minutes in a single session, performing more than 10 page turns on a title in a session, and several more. Note however, the user is never aware that their actions are actually triggering the purchase of a title. In this tutorial, we will look at creating a PDA list as a selector and adding titles to it. Then we will look at approving the PDA list as an approver.

4 First, we will create the PDA list. From the Home screen, you can create a PDA list by clicking the Create a PDA List link on the left of the screen, or click the Create PDA List in the My PDAs drop-down menu.

5 After selecting to create a new PDA list, name your list and choose your list settings. When creating your PDA, you can also set your Deposit or Budget amount. Note that a minimum deposit or budget of $2,500 is required. After choosing your PDA settings, click Save PDA.

6 The new list is added to your In Progress PDAs list. Next, we will search for titles to add to this list. Enter your search terms in the Find fields provided. You can use the Select Field drop-down menus next to each Find field to limit your terms to certain fields, such as Author, Title, or ISBN. You can access limiters to apply to your search by clicking the Full Search Options link.

7 Apply limiters such as Content Type and List Price to limit your results. After applying any desired limiters, click the Search button.

8 On the result list, you can select the PDA Eligible limiter under Refine Your Results to view only titles that are eligible for PDA purchase. Next, click the Add to List/PDA link for a title to add it to the PDA list. You can also click the Add Page to List/PDA to add all displayed titles to your PDA.

9 When you click Add to List/PDA, a window is displayed. Select the Add to PDA button and then choose your PDA from the drop-down list. Select an Access Model or Loan Terms and click the Add to PDA button at the bottom of the window.

10 At any time, you can update the settings for your list from the In Progress list screen. Click List Settings and then click the Edit Settings button. Make your changes in the Settings menu and click the Save Settings button.

11 When you are ready to submit your list to your institutions approver, click the Submit for Approval button.

12 Select an approver from the drop-down list and click Submit. Your PDA list has now been submitted for approval and purchase.

13 Next, we will look at approving the submitted list from an approver account. Approvers can access submitted PDA lists from the My PDAs menu, or the Submitted Lists box on the right. Click Add to Cart to add the PDA list directly to the cart or click on the hyperlinked title to review the list before adding it to the cart.

14 When you review the list, you have the option to reject it, adjust the deposit or budget amount, or simply add it to the cart to complete the purchase. When you reject a list, you can add a message to the selector with instructions on how to adjust the list before re-submitting. In this example, we will click Add to Cart to purchase the PDA list.

15 Review the order summary, check the box to acknowledge you have read and agree to the Order Terms, and click Finalize Order to complete your purchase.

16 Select a billing contact from the Bill To drop-down menu and select a Bill Address from the available options. Then click Submit Order. Your purchase is complete and your PDA titles will soon appear as available to your users. Please note, if you do not see the correct billing address or correct contact information, you should contact EBSCO Technical Support.

17 Returning to the home screen, you can access Help information by clicking the links found in the Using ECM section. Within the online help system, a full range of instructions are available in the menu on the left.


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