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Del Norte Clinics WIC April – June 2011

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1 Del Norte Clinics WIC April – June 2011

2 AGENDA Welcome & Warm-Up Compare Sugar in Popular Drinks
Label Reading Basics Practice Converting Grams Teaspoons of Sugar Tips for Drinking More WATER! Closing Activity & Free Water Bottle!!!

3 Warm-Up Activity What do you & your kids drink throughout the day?
Turn to your neighbor and take a few minutes to talk about your favorite drink!

4 Video Clip: Rethink Your Drink!
Reactions/responses to video? What do you currently do to try and limit sugar in your family’s diet?

5 So why rethink MY drink???? EXTRA SUGAR = EXTRA Calories = EXTRA Weight A child’s risk of obesity increases an average of 60% with every additional daily serving of soda. One can of soda a day can add up to 16 pounds of weight gain in one year! How much ADDED sugar do you think the average American gets from sodas and fruit juices alone??? A. 65% B. 43% C. 22% D. 70% (American Heart Association)

6 Compare Sugar Contents
Choose one of your favorite drinks or something you usually drink from the cards! Who would like to share the drink they chose? Let’s see how much sugar is in one of these drinks…. Average SODA = 17 teaspoons of sugar in a 20 oz bottle. Can someone come up & help me scoop 17 teaspoons of sugar into this cup? POSTER (sugar levels of popular drinks)

7 Label Reading Basics Sometimes we know when we are eating sugar, but these are some questions to ask yourself before you grab a drink: What sugar is in my drink? How many servings are in the container? How many teaspoons of sugar am I drinking?

8 What Sugars are in MY Drink???
Look at the ingredients to find out. Beware!!! Most drinks will have some kind of sugar. What other names for sugar have you heard??? High Fructose Corn Syrup Corn syrup Sweetener Dextrose Fructose Honey Molasses Maltose Can someone tell me what sugars are in their drink? Remember ingredient lists start with what something has the MOST of first…

9 How many servings are in the container?
All the numbers on the nutrition label are for 1 serving of the food or drink… So…. If you have 2 servings of a drink you will need to double the amounts! Can someone tell me how many servings are in their drink? How many grams of sugar are in one serving of the drink?

10 How Many Tsp am I Drinking???
NUTRITION FACTS POSTER(from WIC) How many grams of sugar are listed on this label? (40) 4 grams = 1 teaspoon So there are 10 tsp of sugar in 1 serving of this drink…. If 1 sugar cube = 1 teaspoon. Using the sugar cubes at your table can you show how many tsp would be in 1 serving of your drink? What surprised you about these demonstrations today?

11 How To Get More WATER!!!! What are some ways you could get your family to drink more water? RETHINK YOUR DRINK Handout Would any of these tips work for your family? Which one of these recipes might you make at home? SPA WATER Tasting. What do you think? Would your kids drink this instead of soda or juice? What other healthy things could you add to your water?

12 Closing Activity Bottom Line: There's convincing evidence that sugary drinks are one of the major determinants of obesity and diabetes, and high intakes of sugary drinks over a lifetime increases multiple health risks. Let’s look at your handout which has a pledge. Let’s take a pledge to keep our children and ourselves healthy!!! What might you go home and do to rethink your drinks today? What will you drink when you go home today?

13 Thank you for coming and please make sure to take a free water bottle to start drinking more WATER today!

14 References and sources:
20 worst drinks and dessert equivalent (men’s health magazine):

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