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Direct Object Pronouns

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1 Direct Object Pronouns
Avancemos 2 Unidad 1 lección 1

2 Direct Object Pronouns
A direct object answers who or what after a verb. Comprendo la pregunta. I understand what? . .. the question

3 Direct Object Pronouns
To avoid repeating a direct object, we often replace it with “it” or “them”. Do you understand the question? Yes, I understand it. Do you understand the questions? Yes, I understand them.

4 Direct Object Pronouns
Spanish works the same way. The direct object pronouns are:

5 Lo La Los Las Him, it, you (form.) Her, it, you (form.)
Them, you (pl.) Las

6 Direct Object Pronouns
Direct object pronouns can refer to people or things. They agree in gender and number with the nouns they replace.

7 Direct Object Pronouns
Lo replaces a masculine singular noun. La replaces a feminine singular noun.

8 Direct Object Pronouns
Los replaces a masculine plural noun Las replaces a feminine plural noun

9 For example If Tomás were to be referred to as him, lo would be the pronoun we would use. Tomás = masculine singular Masculine singular d.o. pronoun = lo

10 For example If shoes were to be referred to as them, we would choose los. Zapatos = Masculine plural Los = Masculine plural pronoun

11 Direct Object Pronouns
A direct object pronoun is placed just before the conjugated verb. ¿Lees el periódico? Sí lo leo.

12 ****If there is an infinitive verb, the pronoun is attached to the infinitive ending.
¿Puedes lavar los platos? Sí, puedo lavarlos.

13 When the pronoun replaces both a masculine and feminine direct object noun, los is used.
¿Compras el vestido y las dos faldas? Sí, los compro.

14 Practice Translate: Do you want my notebook? Yes I want it. Thank you

15 Practice Answer: ¿Quieres mi cuaderno? Sí, lo quiero. Gracias.

16 Practice Translate: I have to call Gloria. Do you have to call her?

17 Practice Answer: Tengo que llamar a Gloria. ¿Tienes que llamarla?

18 Practice Translate: I pack the suitcase I don’t pack it.

19 Practice Answer: Yo hago la maleta. Yo no la hago.

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