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Pond Life Unit Food Chains.

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1 Pond Life Unit Food Chains

2 Food Chains Food Chains provide the energy for all living things to survive. Energy is needed by all organisms to carry out daily activity. Our main source of energy is the sun.


4 The Four Main Parts of Food Chains
The first part is the SUN. The second part consist of PRODUCERS. The third part of the food chain is CONSUMERS. The fourth and final part are DECOMPOSERS.

5 The Sun The sun provides energy for everything on the planet.

6 Producers All green plants are called producers.
Plants are the only things on Earth that can turn sunlight into food. Plants are also known as autotrophs because they make their own food.

7 Consumers Every organisms that eats something else. Four Groups:
*Herbivores *Carnivores *Omnivores *Scavengers

8 4 Types of Consumers Herbivores- eat only plants (“herbi”=plant).
Carnivores- eat other animals (“carne”=meat). Omnivores- eat producers, herbivores, and carnivores. Scavengers- feed on dead organisms and give the nutrients from the dead bodies back to the environment.

9 Decomposers Mainly bacteria and fungi that convert dead matter into gases such as carbon and nitrogen to be released back into the air, soil, or water. They recycle nutrients to be used again by producers. Without decomposers, the Earth would be covered in trash.

10 Example of Consumers Herbivore Carnivore Scavenger Omnivore

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