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Verbos Reflexivos Reflexive verbs.

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1 Verbos Reflexivos Reflexive verbs

2 Información Definition: In English:
A reflexive verbs are used to emphasize something a person does to himself or herself. In English: Not very common Reflexive pronouns are used to emphasize an action.

3 Información In Spanish: There are many reflexive verbs.
Identified by the se attached at the end of the infinitive. (cepillarse) Any verb can be made to be reflexive. BUT the meaning will change. Dormir – to sleep Dormirse – to fall asleep When referring to body parts do not use the possessive pronouns. Use the definite article. I brush my hair – Me peino el pelo.

4 Uses To describe actions related to personal care and habitual routines. He brushed his teeth – él se cepilló los dientes. To express feelings and emotions or changes in conditions, moods and emotional states. (i.e. to get or to become) I became upset. – me pongo enojada.

5 Conjugation Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Take off the se and place it before the verb. Dormirse = se dormir Step 2 Conjugate the verb according to who is doing the action. Se duermo Step 3 Use the coordinating reflexive pronoun Me duermo

6 Reflexive Pronouns Yo Tú Él/ella/Ud. Nosotros Vosotros
Ellos/ellas/Uds. Me Te Se Nos Os

7 Example – present tense
Bañarse Me baño – I take a bath (myself) Te bañas – you take a bath (yourself) Se baña – he takes a bath (himself) Nos bañamos – we take a bath (ourselves) Se bañan – they/you all take a bath (themselves/yourselves) Note Most reflexive verbs can be used normally to indicate that the action is being done to someone else. Yo baño los niños – I bathe the children

8 Example – preterit tense
Afeitarse Me afeité – I shaved (myself) Te afeitaste – you shaved (yourself) Se afeitó – he shaved (himself) Nos afeitamos – we shaved (ourselves) Se afeitaron – they/you all shaved (themselves/yourselves) Non-reflexive Yo afeité el perro ayer – I shaved the dog yesterday.

9 ¡Practica! Yo ___ (ducharse) por la mañana.
Ellos ___ (cepillarse) los dientes. Nosotros ___ (cortarse) las uñas. Él ___ (afeitarse) la cara. Tú ___ (lavarse) el cuerpo.

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