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How to Conjugate Reflexive Verbs

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1 How to Conjugate Reflexive Verbs

2 Conjugating reflexive verbs is really not much different than the conjugating you have been doing up to this point. In fact, the verb itself is conjugated just as you have always conjugated verbs. The difference with reflexive verbs is that you will also have a reflexive pronoun to go along with the conjugated verb. Here are the reflexive pronouns: me myself te yourself (familiar) se himself/herself/yourself (formal) nos ourselves se themselves/yourselves

3 If the subject of the sentence is doing action to himself (i. e
If the subject of the sentence is doing action to himself (i.e. bathing, shaving), you should use reflexive verbs when describing this action. Look at these examples: I am brushing my hair. (cepillarse) Yo me cepillo el pelo. They are taking a bath. (bañarse) Ellos se bañan. We are washing our hands. (lavarse) Nos lavamos las manos. He is shaving. (afeitarse) Él se afeita.

4 Note that instead of saying “I am washing MY hands”, you actually say “I am washing myself the hands.” When you are referring to a specific body part when using reflexive verbs, you will use the definite article “the” – not the possessive adjective “my”. Also reflexive pronouns, like direct and indirect object pronouns, go in front of the verb. He is washing his hair. (lavarse) Él se lava el pelo. We are brushing our teeth. (cepillarse) Nos cepillamos los dientes.

5 Let’s do some examples. Write the correct form of the given reflexive verb. Remember to do the reflexive pronoun first, and then conjugate the verb. The answer will appear after 10 seconds. Juan en el baño. (afeitarse) se afeita Ellas en su cuarto. (maquillarse) se maquillan Tú en la ducha. (lavarse) te lavas Nosotros en el espejo. (peinarse) nos peinamos

6 Eva _________ por la mañana. (maquillarse)
Let’s do some practice. Complete these sentences with the correct reflexive verb form, according to the given verb. Tú_______ la cara. (lavarse) That’s right… it’s te lavas! Eva _________ por la mañana. (maquillarse) That’s right… it’s se maquilla!

7 Uds. ________ los dientes. (cepillarse)
Here’s some more practice. Nosotros no _______ a las nueve. (acostarse) That’s right… it’s nos acostamos! Uds. ________ los dientes. (cepillarse) That’s right… it’s se cepillan!

8 Nosotros _______ en la cocina. (desayunarse)
That’s right… it’s nos desayunamos! Teresa y Juan _______ en el sofá. (dormirse) That’s right… it’s se duermen!

9 VOILA! See how easy that was? Now try some on your own – click the button to do a practice quiz. Practice Quiz Replay

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