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Internet Marketing Strategies Proposal for Lucas Color Cards.

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1 Internet Marketing Strategies Proposal for Lucas Color Cards

2 Lucas Color Card Objectives: Lucas desires to pursue the smaller lot loyalty card market Online marketing presents the greatest opportunity to dominate market Lucas questions the ability of current web site to meet objectives Lucas desires to be found online before competitors Resellers Manufactures

3 Summary of Website Strategy Match your online objectives to your business objectives Knowing your Business Knowing your competition Driving traffic by following current “SEO” rules that work Driving Traffic with effective PPC Campaign Develop Landing Page Strategy Design every page for Conversion Architecture – Must have a specific objective & call to action to meet goals Your website

4 Share of all Searches © WSI Internet Marketing Summit 2010. All Rights Reserved.

5 Google Searches for Lucas Lucas Color Card not within the top 100 (first 10 pages) Customers are walking past your door, and they don’t even know you’re there!

6 Search Engine Optimization Getting higher keyword rankings Gaining the majority share of search Comes down two factors: – Content How much, theme, keyword phrases – Incoming links How many, from where, context – Article & Video submission

7 SEO – On Page… On Page SEO:- –Site Analysis –Keyword density Analysis –Internal Navigation –Meta Tag Optimization –W3C Compliance –Sitemap.xml & Robot.txt updates

8 SEO – Off Page… Off Page SEO:- –Back links –The page with the most (relevant) links usually wins Blog links Article links Directory links Social bookmarking Video publishing

9 Landing Pages Optimized Informational Pages Advanced SEO strategy. Send visitors to pages most relevant to their search Google rewards your site for adding great content. Have specific call to action Maximizes CTR (click-through- rate). Increases business revenue.

10 Conversion Tools Getting more customers from the same amount of traffic. An online prospect is 20% more likely to buy if conversion tools are used. Calls to action: Properly placed Phone# Special Offer Live Chat. Click to Call GEO Targeting Messaging

11 Increased Overall Traffic by 32% Increased Organic Google Traffic by 65% Increased Conversion from 1.75% to 7.6% Visitors found what they were searching for And answered the call to action Website with Conversion Architecture

12 Site Outline: Approx 1800 pgs WC3 Compliant Conversion Architecture Multiple technologies Actions Taken: Built effective Conversion Tools! Built Strong Information Conversion Path! Return On Investment: 26 to 1 for first year in New Revenue! Conversion Architecture / SEO – Case Study

13 What is Paid Search? Sponsored Links occur across the top and down the right side

14 Paid Search Marketing Start generating sales or leads instantly Pre-qualify your customers before they land on your site Flexible budget size based on how much you want to invest Target Keywords most relevant to your business


16 WSI PPC Reporting


18 Low cost Leads Tracking & Optimization Quality Score = lower cost We know what works! Why WSI Local AdWorks PPC?

19 PPC – Case Study Paid Search Marketing Case Study: Megapath is a nationwide business broadband provider targeting small to medium businesses as well as enterprise level clients in Nov. 2006. They had been managing their own paid search marketing internally and were seeing diminishing returns and made a decision to outsource. The plan to increase overall efficiency centered around gaining lower cost qualified traffic with increased conversion rates. These key aspects paid big dividends. Featured below are some of the key metrics we used to measure the success.

20 Paid Search Marketing Case Study: Inplant Offices is a nationwide modular office manufacturer selling structures to large warehousing, manufacturing and governmental organizations. They found their self-management of Adwords to be losing its effectiveness and turned the account over to WSI. Eliminating unnecessary impressions and clicks allowed the budget to go towards their most productive phrases and brought lower cost targeted traffic. Featured below are the dramatic changes in the average cost per click and click through rate (CTR) they have experienced. PPC – Case Study


22 Organic Pos% 127.1 211.7 38.7 45.1 54.0 64.1 7 83.2 92.8 103.6 PPC Pos% 17.4 23.4 31.1 4.3 52.6 6.9 71.7 8.4 9.1 10.4 Clicks can you expect? 73.4%18.3% 91.7% of all clicks happen on page #1!

23 With 9.8% of Google Clicks, the value of being #5 = $218,592.00 With 34.5% of Google clicks, the value of being #1 = $1,142,640.00 New Customers at average Conversion rate of 3% =132.480 The Estimated Monthly Value of Being #10 on Google #10 Organic Position gets 3.6% of 110,400 =3,974 #10 PPC Position gets 0.4% of 110,400 =442 Total Clicks at #10 Position =4,416 Monthly Revenue Value at $1,000.00 per Sale = $132,480.00 Preliminary Keyword Research Top 10Keyword Average Monthly Search Volume 1plastic card printer22,200 2loyalty card18,100 3pvc card14,800 4loyalty cards12,100 5pvc cards12,100 6plastic card printing8,100 7plastic key tags6,600 8plastic card printers6,600 9gift card business5,400 10plastic gift card4,400 Top 10 Monthly Google Search Volume = 110,400 The Value of Being Placed on Google

24 Local Company with the power of: 1,500 Offices worldwide. 87 Countries. 12 Production Centers worldwide. World Leaders in Internet Marketing. On Leading Edge of Changes in Technologies WSI is a Strategic Research and Knowledge Based organization, that Specializes in Internet Marketing, On- line Branding and Business Automation Technology Partners

25 OUR ABILITY TO: Come up with strong business idea(s). Understand our clients market position and what their competitors are doing. Drive targeted traffic. Understand how to convert traffic to bottom line revenue. Understand Integrated Marketing Strategies that work best. Be Very Creative and Innovative! Have Access to a team of specialists “worldwide”. What makes WSI different?

26 What Next? Putting the Pieces Together

27 We focus on your business and bring customers to you! 405 317-9980 Questions? Follow us on Facebook–

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