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People First Programme Social Care & Inclusion – Adult Services.

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1 People First Programme Social Care & Inclusion – Adult Services

2 A Response Centre What is it? A Response Centre is one place where everyone who needs help can contact Adult Social Care It means that there is only one number you need to know to contact Adult Social Care, It means more queries can be answered without people being passed to other people People First Programme

3 Why do we need one? People First Programme There are too many different ways to get in touch with different numbers to remember making it often confusing for people A Response Centre will mean we can help people quickly and make it easier We can help more people to get information more quickly

4 We are asking people what they think We are talking with lots of people about their experiences We have also asked people to tell us what it is like at the moment We are doing a public consultation about the response centre People First Programme

5 What are people telling us? People don’t know how to get in touch with us People want to be able to contact us outside of office hours Many people find they make 5 calls to get someone to answer the phone People said they were treated well once they go through They told us the staff were helpful and know how to help them People First Programme

6 What will the Response Centre look like? Single phone number for all calls One service for everyone to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Open for Non-urgent calls 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm on a Saturday There will be no face to face contact at the Centre People First Programme

7 What will the Response Centre look like? Linked to the Council First Stop Shop and Health. Trained staff to give information and help people Offer simple services straight away on the telephone Due to open in Autumn/ Winter of 2009 People First Programme

8 Proposed Site Streets Corner, In Walsall Wood

9 Work shop 1 Do you think the Response Centre will help us provide a better service for people who contact us? Do you think the way the service will run will be good for people using the service? What do you think about where the centre will be located? People First Programme

10 Share your experiences of contacting social services, good and bad What good services have you contacted, What made that feel like a good service? If there was one key improvement you would like to see through the response centre what would it be? People First Programme Work shop 2

11 Workshop 3 How should people be able to contact the centre What do you feel about the opening hours we are suggesting How can we check that the response centre is a good quality service? Is there anything else you would like us to know about the proposed Response Centre People First Programme

12 What's next Planning application Other ways to get involved Local people Consultation closes in June Feedback after closing date People First Programme

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