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Adult Social Care Budget 2014-15 Moira Wilson Interim Director of Care and Support.

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1 Adult Social Care Budget 2014-15 Moira Wilson Interim Director of Care and Support

2 What we will be talking about. Update on the Council’s budget for 2014 – 2015 Update on Adult Social Care Proposals (ideas for saving money) Table discussions to find out what you think about the ideas.

3 The Council’s money is getting less and less

4 Across the council we have enough ideas for next year’s budget We have a longer term plan so that we make the right decisions for the right reasons In many areas we have made plans for 2-3 years The size of the challenge means we have had to find savings from areas which we have protected in the past, such as Adult Social Care We have begun talking to people on some ideas – for others this will start shortly

5 What people have been telling us so far at the ‘Have Your Say’ events Autumn 2013 Most Important Things: Giving flexible, person centred support to those that need it most. No standard services. Work with people to make sure they don’t get into a crisis (prevention) Make joined up working happen. Don’t pass people to other departments. Joined

6 What people have been telling us so far (continued) Ideas for Change: Less paperwork and red tape in Adult Social Care, Health, Housing and Voluntary Sector Make sure information is accessible and easy to find. Work together with partners to make long term plans for people and organisations.

7 Doing things differently in Adult Social Care Helping people stay independent Building community Supporting those that need it most Supporting carers Closer working with health services Information, advice and signposting Choice and control but also value for money Direct Payments to people who can manage it. Won’t pay for support that is paid for from somewhere else

8 Ideas Adult Social Care Carers are Important: When the assessment and support planning takes place it is important to us to look at how the carer helps someone. We will also look at how family, friends and the community can help someone with their eligible needs. Carers need to be offered a Carers Assessment

9 Ideas Adult Social Care Make sure assessments are fair and the same across social care. Only pay for services that meet eligible needs. Make sure that needs are met in a way that is good value for money

10 Ideas Adult Social Care Making sure reviews are done once a year Supporting people to claim benefits which they are eligible for. Make sure we check if people can afford to pay towards their care costs do

11 Ideas Reducing Costs Not using expensive support providers as much Look at money coming from Continuing Health Care (CHC) Changing senior managers of services

12 Ideas Reducing Costs Changing some support providers to get better value for money Changing how services are made up and managed Looking at money for training and making sure we are using it properly

13 Ideas Reducing Costs Adult Provider Services Making the Management and Business Support teams smaller across Adult Provider Services. More flexible staffing contracts. Better rotas and sickness management for in- house providers

14 Ideas Reducing Costs Adult Provider Services Making sure in-house provider services meet demand for services. This will mean making the services smaller Make sure services meet people’s needs and give good value for money Make the Adult Placement Shared Lives Service bigger

15 What Next? Talk with people about our ideas We want to know what will this mean for you. We will include what you tell us in our plans Acting on decisions in 2014 and 2015 More detail for each outcome area is available on the web budget

16 Table Discussions Q. How will these ideas affect people who use Adult Social Care? Q. How will these ideas affect people who provide support in Adult Social Care? Q. What can we do to try make sure the changes don’t affect people in a bad way? Q. What ideas do you have about how we can do all this?

17 Feedback Your ideas, suggestions and comments are valuable to us, if you think of anything after the meeting please: Contact Mel on Telephone: 0114 2735299 Email:

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