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Sexual Assault Response Center Interview with Advocate Angela Wolski By Shurrie Weatherman.

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1 Sexual Assault Response Center Interview with Advocate Angela Wolski By Shurrie Weatherman

2 Sexual Assault Response Center  830 North Columbia Center Blvd, Suite H  Kennewick, WA 99336  Office Hours: M-F 8 am – 5 pm  Crisis Line Available 24 Hours  (509) 374-5391  1-888-846-RAPE   SARC’s mission is to provide crisis services, support and advocacy to victims of all non- domestic violence crimes, non- offending family members, and others who are impacted by crime. We strive to create and maintain a community without violence through prevention- based education and community development initiatives.

3 Funding  20% of funding comes from United Way  The rest is funded through private donations, federal and state grants.  Federal and state funding has not been cut as of yet  A lot of the resources they use for their clients have seen cuts within their organization and this affects their clients

4 Services Offered  Crisis Line SARC advocates are available 24 hours a day to answer questions, or if you just need someone to listen. This line also serves as a point of contact for clients who may need immediate emergency assistance.  On-Site Counseling SARC has a counselor on staff that is highly specialized in the area of sexual assault/abuse. Adult and child victims are offered counseling sessions at no charge.

5 Services Offered (cont.)  Legal & Medical Advocacy SARC staff and trained volunteer advocates respond to hospital calls (24 hrs.) to provide medical advocacy to victims of sexual assault. They also provide legal advocacy at police interviews and court proceedings. Moral support and information is given to victims, families and friends.  Crisis Intervention Staff provides short-term crisis intervention to clients. Advocates provide information, support, and validation for the client’s feelings. They strongly recommend that clients also seek additional sexual assault/abuse counseling.

6 Services Offered (cont.)  Therapy Referrals SARC can assist clients in the process of finding a counselor who has experience working with sexual assault survivors. We also have information about payment options such as sliding fee scales, medical coupons, and Crime Victims Compensation. SARC can also help provide some financial support to clients who have no other means of payment.  Support Groups SARC currently offers support groups for adult survivors, non-offending parents and family members of child victims, teen girls, and male survivors. These groups run in 6-week sessions periodically throughout the year or as needed.

7  SARC offers multi-session programs throughout Benton/Franklin Counties. Programs are directed toward the prevention of sexual assault.  Body and Boundary Safety  Safe Bodies, Healthy Minds  Personal Body Safety  Creating Healthy Relationships  Technology Safety  Harassment and Bullying Prevention  Parent Education  General Sexual Assault Education Programs offered

8 A Day in the Life of an Advocate…  Angela is a sexual assault advocate who works on the crisis line Monday through Friday assisting clients with their problems.  She is also available to walk- in clients and provides any support clients may need.  Angela supports clients at court and also responds to clients at the emergency room around the clock  Angela most likes seeing the improvement in client’s lives. She enjoys seeing a client’s empowerment and resilience to move past their trauma  But, it is the trauma that she sees that she likes the least about her job.  The only thing she would change about her job, is seeing the agency expand and clients having more access and knowledge of the program.

9 Sexual Assault: Causes and Intervention (from the eyes of Angela) Causes  A cycle – If an individual is raised in this atmosphere they don’t know it is wrong.  The system may have failed the child; perhaps if earlier intervention would have happened, they many not grow up up to abuse or be able to recognize abuse. Intervention  Talking with someone who cares and finding support as an essential element of intervention!

10  Angela sees education as a huge element in prevention.  SARC has programs that reach school children to talk about inappropriate touching and how to tell someone if it happens.  Teaching others about how the abuser grooms their victims can stop sexual assault before it gets worse. Sexual Assault and Abuse Prevention

11 Angela said the one thing she would like social workers to know is to remember that we cannot fix it for the client. The client must do it for themselves. Social workers just need to care and listen to clients. She also wants social workers to know to not feel bad if they go into the field of sexual assault advocacy and discover it isn’t something they can handle. It is ok if you find out its not for you! Social workers should know…

12  SARC offers volunteer training and welcomes those looking for an opportunity in making a difference in someone’s life to volunteer with their 24 hour crisis line.  Here is a link to their site for more information: asp asp  Angela suggested, even if you don’t want to volunteer, it is a great training class to take as a way to gain more knowledge Volunteering

13 The End! Shurrie Weatherman

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