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Of the people, by the people, for the people … Abe Lincoln.

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1 of the people, by the people, for the people … Abe Lincoln

2 Citizens May live in or outside of a country Part of a community Share common history, customs and values Abide by government’s authority and rules

3 The Functions of Government 1. Keep Order Makes laws (rules of conduct) 2. Provides services *roads, education, fire department, hospitals, etc. 3. Keep order and provide security *enforces laws *armed forces, police departments 4. Plan for the future (guide the community) *set goals (public policies), budgets

4  National (Federal)  State  Local (parish, city)

5 National Government Highest level of authority in a country Makes and enforces laws for the entire country Provides the basic framework for citizenship Capital is located at Washington, D.C, (District of Columbia)

6 State Government All 50 states have a government that is separate from the federal level Makes and enforces laws for the good of the citizens of the state Level of government that can provide the easiest for its constituents LA’s capital is located at Baton Rouge

7 Local Government Level of government that is closet to the American people Parishes (LA) are also called counties (48 states) and boroughs (Alaska) Could refer to the parish, city or town

8 Dictatorship Government that is controlled by a small group or by one person Leader(s) has complete control of government, law making, and citizens Citizens are often told where to live, what work they will do, and they may or may not travel outside the country Example: Castro in Cuba

9 Direct Democracy Created by the ancient Athenians more than 2,500 years ago All adult male citizens participated directly in the government Every issue was debated and voted on

10 Representative Democracy Citizens elect representatives to govern on their behalf Americans are the source of the government’s authority Citizens are the final source of authority The US is the oldest (225+ years) representative democracy in the world

11 How Citizens Influence Government Through elections of senators, representatives, president and vice president Voicing concerns via mail, e-mail, telephone calls, or public opinion polls Joining political parties

12 Principles of American Democracy The power of the government comes from the people The American people, through their representatives, run their government The purpose of government, is to make a better place for its inhabitants

13 Because democratic governments exist by the people, all genuine democracies have free, fair, and competitive elections -everyone’s vote carries the same weight- one person, one vote -all candidates have the right to express their views freely to the public -citizens can support candidates/ issues of their choice -voting requirements are kept to a minimum (age, citizenship, residence)

14 - competing political parties give voters a choice of candidates -the loosing political party can serve as the other’s watch dog -majority rule, while respecting the rights of the minority (Rousseau)

15 Fundamental Principals of Democracy 1. Rule of Law No one is above the law, even the president 2. Limited Government Government doesn’t have unlimited power and must obey limits set by the people 3. Consent of the Governed Am. Citizens are the source of gov’t power Government work for us!

16 4. Individual Rights Personal Rights are guaranteed by the gov’t and from the gov’t 5. Representative Government We elect representatives to make laws and govern on our behalf

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