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Your clients’ accounts and banking working together. Online.

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1 Your clients’ accounts and banking working together. Online.

2 MYOB LiveAccounts What is it? Easy to use accounting solution Available online, anytime Linked to your bank accounts Ideal for sole traders, start ups and smaller businesses

3 What can it do? Create Invoices Track Expenses Calculate Pay Manage GST Track Banking Manage Contacts Produce Reports MYOB LiveAccounts

4 Who is LiveAccounts for? Small and simple businesses Businesses wanting anywhere, anytime access Businesses with little accounting knowledge Not keen on updates and backups Businesses new to accounting software

5 What are the benefits to the practice? We can work on the same data, at the same time – no more file transfers We can access a client’s business data whenever, wherever we need to Linking their accounts and their banking means we get better data Having access to current information means we can deliver proactive advice MYOB LiveAccounts

6 LiveAccounts Product Overview

7 Key business information at a glance See what’s happened since the client last logged in

8 Key business information at a glance Current status of who owes the client money

9 Key business information at a glance The client’s top 5 expenses

10 Key business information at a glance Current status of the client’s bank accounts

11 Easy invoicing See who has paid and who hasn’t

12 Safely email or post invoices

13 Invoice is sent as a PDF Get paid faster by emailing invoices to customers

14 Invoice is sent as a PDF Sent straight to the customer’s inbox

15 Straight-forward expense tracking Know exactly when the client’s expenses are due

16 Keep a close eye on the $$$s Snapshot on the money flowing in and out of the client’s business

17 Linking your bank accounts Linking their bank accounts means no data entry & regular payments are automatically allocated

18 Managing the business contacts Record all of the business contacts in one place

19 Pay yourself or your team Pay themselves or their employees weekly, fortnightly or monthly

20 Does the maths for you Calculates tax, Kiwisaver and any additions and deductions

21 Print or email payslips Updates LiveAccounts with the pay run entries too

22 Easy to use reports Over 20 reports available from Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet to GST and more.

23 Available anytime Available anywhere Always up to date Always backed up The benefits of online include:

24 Safe, secure and backed up Safe Secure Backed up Password Protected

25 All you need for one low price Always up to date Unlimited access Unlimited invoices and expenses Unlimited linked bank accounts Unlimited support Unlimited users Safe and backed up $25 per month incl. GST

26 Getting a client started is easy Go to to start a free 30 day trial


28 LiveAccounts Admin Centre Overview

29 LiveAccounts Admin Centre Access all of your LiveAccounts clients from one place

30 LiveAccounts Admin Centre Access important information on how to get started and rewarded

31 LiveAccounts Admin Centre Create a LiveAccounts ledger for a client before handing over to them

32 LiveAccounts Admin Centre Request access or invite a business to use LiveAccounts

33 LiveAccounts Admin Centre Manage invitations to access LiveAccounts ledgers here

34 LiveAccounts Admin Centre Create as many users as you need

35 Getting Started

36 1.Become a LiveAccounts Advisor at It’s FREE to join! 2.Join the LiveAccounts rewards program to get rewarded for recommending LiveAccounts It’s FREE to join! 3.Access the LiveAccounts Advisor materials for a range of promotional tools and materials 4.Promote LiveAccounts to suitable clients

37 More information? Visit the LiveAccounts website Chat online or send an email to the LiveAccounts team at Talk to your MYOB client manager or evangelist

38 Your clients’ accounts and banking working together. Online.

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