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Presentation to Punch Taverns 8th October 2008. Your Online Accountant.

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1 Presentation to Punch Taverns 8th October 2008

2 Your Online Accountant

3 Introducing the NEW online accounting system Inn Trade Associates have developed a new concept in the production of accounts for the license trade. This will benefit both retail partners and Punch Taverns. This bespoke system offers a simple way of submitting accounts online - that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Here are the benefits…

4 Benefits to both clients and Punch Taverns:  Instant access to an online summary of the clients profit/loss and liabilities updated weekly  Instant access to an online P&L updated monthly  Personal username and password known only to you

5 Benefits to Punch Taverns:  Regional Managers having access to retail partners account information via our system.  Vital accounting data that can be reviewed at any time, anywhere.  Information on supplies purchased out tie, i.e packaged goods, wines, spirits, etc.  Detailed breakdown of income and expenditure.

6 Benefits to Punch Taverns: No cost to Punch Taverns

7 Benefits to client:  Freepost and dedicated helpline for all new customers  Regular client meetings with our team to discuss their accounts  Yearly accounts  VAT planning and VAT returns  Weekly/monthly/four weekly payroll including year end P35 and P60’s.

8 Benefits to client:  Data protection  Advice on utilities management, rating appeals and stock taking services should this be requested by the client.

9 Registration: Client completes registration and therefore agrees to Terms and Conditions

10 How it works:

11 Enter username and password here

12 Click on ‘Download the latest spreadsheet’


14 Click on ‘open’ to begin entering your weekly accounts

15 Fill in grey boxes only


17 All white cells are auto summed


19 Type in all expenditure for the week

20 Wages auto filled

21 Each sheet remembers all details from last sheet and any changes

22 Checklist for client to print off to ensure their paperwork is sent to us correctly

23 Cash reconciliation for client to make sure they have no discrepancies with their take

24 Client saves sheet


26 Create a new file on desktop and save file as w/e date

27 Log back in to the system

28 Click on ‘Upload latest spreadsheet’


30 Click on ‘Browse’


32 Click on the workbook you wish to upload


34 Click on ‘open’


36 Click on ‘submit’


38 And that’s it!

39 If you want to ‘edit your details’ or ‘view your summary’ you can click on one of the tabs.


41 Sample ‘edit your contact details’

42 Sample ‘view your summary sheet’

43 Sample ‘latest P&L’

44 What we offer the client… Inn Trade Associates are licence trade specialists with over 40 years experience. We offer a wide range of services from helping you manage your pub to dealing with all your accountancy online. We are also able to offer utilities management FREE, rating appeals FREE and stock taking services at an additional cost.

45 What the package consists of… Our portfolio of services is as follows:  Year end tax return  Year end accounts  Quarterly VAT  Weekly up to date info online via your summary sheet  Weekly payroll and payslips  Year end payroll P35  Monthly payroll returns  Help and advice lines  Regional manager visits  Dedicated account manager  Data protection  Personal username and password

46 Additional services… The following services are provided at an additional cost:  Company formations  Business plans  Cash flow forecasts  Tax planning  Registered address service We are able to deal directly with the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on your behalf, as well as offering your company guidance and assistance in all legal and administrative procedures, so that the burden is lifted from your shoulders.

47 Conclusion Inn Trade Associates have designed an accessible, easy to use accounting website that will benefit both retail partners and regional managers of Punch Taverns. Hands on information will be accessible at the click of a mouse. Accurate information updated on a weekly basis. This to include summary’s, P&L’s and stock reports. Full training will provided by the assigned account manager.

48 Thank you presented by Chris Horton For further information please call us on 0151 214 0650 or visit

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