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Weever Apps Capabilities Overview. Over 65% of business have mobile employees.

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1 Weever Apps Capabilities Overview

2 Over 65% of business have mobile employees

3 We build Mobile Workforce Management solutions for customers that are looking to take their business to the next level.

4 Our Platform Our platform allows us to build better products, cost-effectively and in less time. Modular & Scalable Framework Reusable Features SSL Security Continuous Quality Assurance Cloud-based


6 What our customers need Increased efficiency and productivity Reduced costs Enhanced operations visibility Better customer experience


8 The power to keep everyone moving forward. Staff & Operations Immediate access to forms, communications and resources Do more in less time with fewer errors Project Managers & Administrators Real-time control enhanced project management Hospital Leadership Access to reporting and actionable data Greater visibility into company performance Keeping everyone on task means providing them with immediate access to the tools they need.

9 Our solutions MOBILE APPLICATION Custom designed - brand standards and user requirements Virtually any touchscreen device DASHBOARD Serves as the nerve center for your mobile solution Provides project managers with instant access to form builders, activity, reports and field communications. INTEGRATION Secure Integration with third party accounting, ERP, and CRM software, including, Oracle and DocuShare Ensure that your data is digital throughout your entire workflow

10 Our Products Our platform works like a collection of seamlessly integrated products that can be quickly assembled and modified to meet your requirements.

11 Forms Audits, inspections and checklists made easy. Reduce paper costs and data entry errors, while enhancing efficiency. Create forms including photos, signatures, sketch, complex calculations, etc. Forms are automatically added to Administrator can review, sort, filter, edit information and create reports

12 Activity Monitoring Monitor the locations and activity of your frontline staff. GPS locations for real-time activity and submissions Filter view settings by time-frame, user and type Dynamic links to forms, lists and employee contact forms

13 Mobile Training Increase adoption, engagement and effectiveness of staff training. Create training modules including videos, text, links and other content Add multiple choice tests to modules Create live pop-quizzes Track results to inform individual or group follow-ups

14 Checkpoints Ensure staff are on-task anywhere. Create QR codes for checkpoints and display in specified areas Staff scan QR codes to reveal forms – GPS location and approximate address are saved Monitor all interactions and create reports for customers

15 Asset & Inventory Management Know the location and status of all of your valuable assets. Apply QR codes and/or GPS locators to assets Staff sign-in and out assets Administrator monitor real-time asset locations and use intervals for reports

16 Case Studies Weever Apps builds mobile solutions that dramatically enhance business performance. We work with our customers to understand their business challenges and create solutions that help to overcome them.

17 Case Study: Genesis Security Challenge: Better customer reporting and employee accountability. Solution: The Genesis SafeGuard Live Mobile Solution provides tools and resources to field staff and real-time actionable data to managers and customers. Real-time Activity Manage Customer Sits Manage Users Asset & Staff Management Form Reports

18 Case Study: Ember Resources Challenge: Ember Resources has many field workers that are required to work alone in remote locations. Company policy dictates that field workers must check-in with the Control Room based on time intervals determined by the severity of the operating task. Solution: The Oil & Gas Safety mobile solutionutilizes a mobile app and a dashboard to provide a more efficient way to facilitate the safety check-in process.

19 Case Study: Irving Oil Challenge: Irving Oil hires thousands of people for seasonal employment. The current system requires manual data entry to register each new employee. This is a massive drain on HR resources. Solution: The Irving Oil QuickScan App is a simple solution that allows HR administrators to scan QR codes to retrieve information on an employee’s license. Submitted form data is automatically sent via API to Irving’s Honeywell database.

20 Case Study: Bell Expense Challenge: The manual process for submitting expenses required a mountain of resources to manage thousands of Bell employee’s from coast-to-coast Expenses Solution: Mobile app that provides users with a turnkey way to submit receipts. User Management – Sign up automatically provides access to Bell email addresses Receipt Photos – Upload up to 15 receipt photos Accessible – Available via mobile and desktop browser Automatic Integration– Data pushed directly to Bell’s expenses system

21 Thank you Steve McBride | 905-218-6548

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