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University of North Carolina- Greensboro

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1 University of North Carolina- Greensboro
By Cameron Masin

2 Location UNCG is located in Greensboro North Carolina

3 Population/Diversity
UNCG has approximately 18,000 students 66.4% white, 20.2% African American, American Indian 0.3%, Asian 3.0%, Hawaiian 0.1%, Hispanic 3.9%, Multi-Racial 2.0% and non res alien 1.4%

4 Degrees/Programs Greensboro offers 79 undergraduate programs in over 100 areas, 72 masters programs and 27 doctoral programs.

5 Tuition In state tuition is $6,442 and out of state is $21,304

6 Admission Requirements
Admitted student profile: ACT critical reading math writing Average act: 23 Average Highschool GPA- 3.64

7 Public or Private? Greensboro is a public university

8 What academic program is the school best known for?
UNCG is most widely known for it’s outstanding Business Administration field. But UNCG is also known for being one of the top musical colleges in the country.

9 Financial Assistance The school offers many wide range scholarships and provide sessions where students apply for FAFSA a government program that can provide money and CFNC.

10 Scholarships Buick Achievers Scholarship- Criteria:
Must be a high school Senior or former Graduate. Demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in the automotive or related industries using these areas of study. Plan to major in a specified course of study that focuses on Engineering, Technology, or select Design and Business related programs of study.

11 Scholarships contiued
Anne Johnson Byrd '45 Music Scholarship- Award on basis of financial aid, talent/ and or academic achievement to full-time undergraduate students majoring in music.

12 Programs/Activities UNCG has over 200 student clubs and organizations to choose from, including: Greek, Art and performance, service, multicultural, religious, academic, professional, political and more. It only takes a group of five to apply and become an official school club.

13 AP Scores UNCG will accept all and any AP courses given to high school students, with the exception of no online courses in 5 states.

14 Honor college The school does offer an honor college program it is called, the Lloyd international honors college. You must have a high school GPA of at least 3.80, a combined SAT score (critical reading + mathematics) of at least 1200, or an ACT composite score of at least 27.

15 Housing The school does have on campus housing and has 26 new renovated residence halls. All freshman are required to room on campus and separate housing area is located for members of the honor college. All housing has a required key for that building to ensure the utmost secure learning atmosphere.

16 Extras UNCG has one of the most prestigious summer music programs there is to offer. They also have one during the school year and teens are selected based on a recording they send. Lucky for me I made it 2 straight years. On campus there is something known as the rock. The rock can be freely decorated in any fashion every 24 hours and allows students to express themselves. Also, a huge superstition occurs near the clock tower. They say if you walk under the clock you will not graduate on time. So many students are seen walking around the clock entirely to avoid any conflicts.

17 Extras Continue The school was originally an all girls school that consisted of merely 15 students. They originally one school building still stands as another piece of history on campus.

18 Scenery

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