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PHOTOSYNTHESIS What do you need for Photosynthesis?

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2 PHOTOSYNTHESIS What do you need for Photosynthesis?

3 Four things are needed for photosynthesis: Travels up from the roots WATER CARBON DIOXIDE Enters the leaf through small holes on the underneath (stoma) SUNLIGHT Gives the plant energy CHLOROPHYLL The green pigment where the chemical reactions happen

4 PHOTOSYNTHESIS What does photosynthesis make?

5 PHOTOSYNTHESIS Oxygen (waste) Food for plant (glucose)

6 PHOTOSYNTHESIS water+ Carbon dioxide sugar +Oxygen

7 PHOTOSYNTHESIS Oxygen (waste) Food for plant (glucose) The sun Carbon dioxide from the air Water from the soil

8 Where does PHOTOSYNTHESIS take place? Plant Cell Cell wall nucleus Cell membrane vacuole Chloroplasts!!

9 PHOTOSYNTHESIS GREEN Chloroplasts are the GREEN parts of a plant cell. CHLOROPHYLL. They contain a chemical called CHLOROPHYLL. catalyst. Chlorophyll is a catalyst. A catalyst speeds up a chemical reaction, but doesn’t get used itself.

10 Checking for Understanding In which organelle or cell structure does photosynthesis occur? A. cell wall B. cell membrane C. Golgi apparatus D. chloroplast

11 Four factors affect photosynthesis: 1.Light – if there is more light photosynthesis happens faster 2.Water – if there is not enough water photosynthesis slows down 3.Temperature – the best temperature is about 30 0 C – anything above 40 0 C will slow photosynthesis right down 4.CO 2 – if there is more carbon dioxide photosynthesis will happen quicker

12 Energy and Living Things Autotrophs organisms that can make their own energy or food

13 Energy and Living Things Heterotrophs organisms that must obtain energy or food from other organisms

14 Checking for Understanding What’s the ultimate source of energy for plants? How do heterotrophs obtain energy?

15 Photosynthesis The key cellular process that produces energy. Autotrophs like plants use energy from sunlight to convert water, carbon dioxide into oxygen and high energy carbohydrates.

16 What plants do 6CO 2 + 6H 2 O  C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2 Carbon dioxide plus water in the presence of sunlight yield sugars/carbohydrates and oxygen.

17 Checking for Understanding In addition to chlorophyll and light, photosynthesis requires A. water and oxygen B. water and sugars C. oxygen and CO 2 D. Water and CO 2 The products of photosynthesis are A. sugars and oxygen B. sugars and CO 2 C. water and CO 2 D. hydrogen & oxygen

18 How plants do it, an overview. The capture the energy of the sunlight with absorbing pigments. Pigments are housed within plant cell organelles –Chloroplasts Most common plant pigment is CHLOROPHYLL

19 Hopefully now you can be like this student. And not like this one!

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