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GENDER STATISTICS Karin Winqvist, Eurostat

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1 GENDER STATISTICS Karin Winqvist, Eurostat

2 COMMISSION POLICIES GENDER MAINSTREAMING Statistics by sex Evaluation of policies Annual report on Gender equality SPECIFIC AREAS Employment Pay gap Reconciliation of work and family life Child care

3 Labour Force Survey (LFS) Persons aged 15 – (16 for ES, SE, UK) Labour market (in data base) 1983 - Ad hoc modules 1999 - Quaterly since 1998 25 Member States, NO, IS, CH,BG, RO Microdata available for researchers (?)

4 AD HOC MODULES - 11 variables - 1999-2008 Accidents at work and workrel. health probl. Transition from school to working life Length and pattern of working time Employment of disabled people Life long learning Work org. and working time arrangem. Reconciliation of work and family life Transition from work to retirement Accidents at work and workrel. health probl. Immigrants



7 European Community Household Panel (ECHP) Private households Living conditions and labour market Longitudinal 1994 – 2001 15 Member States (AT and FI from 1995 and ind for SE from 1997) Microdata available for researchers



10 Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) Private households Income and social inclusion Cross-sectional and Longitudinal 2003 (2005 -) 25 Member States Microdata available for researchers (?)


12 Structure of Earnings Survey (SES) Employees in industry and services Enterprise and individual variables 1995, 2002, 2006,… 24 Member states (MT), NO, IS, BG, RO Micro data available for researchers (?)

13 Time use surveys (TUS)

14 Time Use Surveys from 21 European countries BE, DK, DE, EE, ES, FR, IT, LV, LT, HU, NL, PL, PT, SI, SK, FI, SE, UK, NO, BG, RO

15 Time Use Survey (TUS) Individuals aged 10 – (varies) Diary and questionnaires: What (what else) were you doing? Who else was present? Location/Mode of transport 2000 (1998 – 2004) Microdatabase for statistical tables


17 Main and secondary activities

18 With whom and Where?

19 Employment



22 Food preparation


24 Women and men (aged 20 – 64) in Sweden who have carried out activities at different times during an average weekday, Sept 2000 – May 2001. WomenMen

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