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Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ Academia2Business Platform - a Real Chance for the Development of Industry through Innovations Business Development Dept.

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1 Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ Academia2Business Platform - a Real Chance for the Development of Industry through Innovations Business Development Dept. Wrocław, June 2011

2 Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ Basic information 1.Commercial company, 2.Established on15th November 2007, 3. Management Board: Mirosław Miller, Sławomir Szafert, 4. Assets: ~10 mln PLN, 5. Acquired funds: > 700 mln PLN in 7 projects (Structural Funds, 7 PR), 6. International Advisory Board - PL, GB, D 7. Partner of Knowledge and Innovation Community EIT, KIC - climate, energy.

3 Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ Basic information 1.Joint initiative of Wroclaw universities, business and local government. 2.Key objectives: stimulation of knowledge development, creation of strenght attracting investments in knowledge sector, promotion of active citizneship in the knowledge based society 3.Implementation of EIT+ program is based on various financial sources including public-private partnership, with the key role of Structural Funds adn other European initiatives and research programs, such as the 7th Framework Programme.

4 Wroclaw University of Technology University of Wroclaw Wroclaw Medical University Your Text Shareholders Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+Shareholders Concept The City of Wroclaw Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences Wroclaw University of Economics Lower Silesia Region

5 Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ Technology Transfer Office

6 Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ Core Business Effective Knowledge Management METHODS Organization and leading of research works for societal and commercial utilization Transfer of knowledge through dissemination, and especially through commercialization

7 Nanotechnology and nanomaterials Biotechnology and medicine Climate and Energy Telecommunication and IT Research areas: convergence technologies

8 Key EIT+ projects financed from IE OP Pracze Campus 140 m Euro BioMed 27.6 m Euro NanoMat 31.1 m Euro

9 Pracze Campus - focal point EURO 2012 9


11 Pracze Campus in 2020

12 Pracze Campus - focal point Basic infrastructure in 2014: Group of laboratory buildings Certified biotechnology laboratory Unique in Poland open laboratory areas - open spaces Additional buildings: Guest houses Park and sport facilities Concert halls Restaurant

13 Vision of A2B Platform Unique model of open cooperation with industrial partners dedicated to knowledge exchange, share of experience and common R&D activity answering real industrial partners expectations, Tool supporting industrial sector, driving their efficiency and innovation, A way to perform research and development activity for societal and economical growth.

14 Vision of A2B Platform Single Point of Contact (SPOC) – specialised know-how, technical infrastructure, information exchange and financial support, Access to the network of R&D practisioners, operating in business, as well as acedemic area, implementation of good practices, Complete knowledge exchange program (trainings, conferences, seminars), enabling exchange of experience as well as benchmarking with the best players on the market,

15 Basic targets of A2B Activity enabling an improvement of competitive advantage for the companies participating in common research work. Realistic financial contribution of WCB EIT+, Access to specialised information and publications,

16 A2B platform structure Forum A2B Companies New Technology Implementation Specjalistyczna wiedza Research Infrastructure Financial Resources Specialised expertise Platform access agreement R&D project contract Relations management R&D needs identification Platform access R&D project management Platform Management R&D contract access Finanse, People, Organisation, Rules

17 Membership Benefits Membership agreement gives full access to A2B Platform services, information and documents and publications, The agreement is based on standard business rules of EIT+ approved by Polish Ministry of Science, Members of the Platform can initiate common R&D projects with EIT+, area of Life Science and Nanotechnology, R&D projects are carried out and funded by partners according to separate agreement.

18 Membership Benefits Partners share ownership of the Intellectual Property created within the project according to separate arrangements, Results of the project are supposed to be commercialised and introduced to the market (where possible),

19 Membership Benefits Typical ways of IP commercialisation: Industrial partner buys full IP rights, i.e. the part belonging to EIT+, Partners create a company to commercialise, market and sell IP, Partners sell IP licence to a third party (customer), WCB EIT+ buys full IP rights for further commercialisation.

20 NanoMat & BUSINESSNanoMat & BUSINESS Examples of projects and materials for cooperation with AeroNet Consortium Materials that potentially will be the result of research. They may be regarded as a product that we will offer in the market or issue for further research processing (even for applications other than those initially proposed). Presented topics are mostly issues that have yet to come, but now show the area of interest, in which the potential business partner can be incorporated, for example by extending the research task involving a business partner (co-financing in A2B Forum).

21 NanoMat & BUSINESSNanoMat & BUSINESS Nanocomposites for electrotechnics [insulation against high voltages, resistant to aging and weathering] Varnishes for electrical appliances [eg. engines] Phosphors for luminescent fibers and paints that emit in the visible light [marking own products, new types of paints] Laser techniques [micromachining, marking of different materials: cermaics, metals, polymers etc., surface cleaning] Surface modification techniques, to obtain film / polymeric layers that are sensitive to physical conditions [such as temperature, pH, ions etc.] Sensors, dampers and actuators made of smart materials [SMART]

22 NanoMat & BUSINESSNanoMat & BUSINESS Polymer nanocomposites with desired properties: magnetic, electroconductive, with luminophores, thermosensitive, pressure sensors etc. Polymers with porous structure [to fill], with the electric and magnetic properties, and with different defined properties. Electromagnetic field shielding materials [for wave lengths: X and gamma, microwaves and RF] Phosphors sensitive to X and gamma rays [eg. Application in Security] Rare earth metals [alloys, nanocomposites with, SMART materials, reduction of consumption, retrieval]

23 NanoMat- laboratoriesNanoMat- laboratories Zol gel materialsNanofillers Rare Earth Elements Nanoparticles Nanotechnology Laboratory of Materials Testing Laboratory of Special Techniques for Nanomaterials Generation Laboratory of Synthesis of Nanocrystals Graphen© UC Berkeley Coatings and adhesives Semiconductor – isolating and conductive layers Optical coating (solar panels, fibres) Atomic devices Additives for polymer Nanoparticles/markers for disease detection

24 NanoMat - laboratoriesNanoMat - laboratories Page 24 SMART Materials Polymers MembranesComposites Advanced Materials Laboratory of Polymers, Ceramics and Composite Materials Laboratory of Metaloorganic and Organic Materials Synthesis Filters for food, water, transport, healthcare, petroleum Biostatic packaging for food storage Cable shielding, antistatic, nonflammable, nontoxic High resistant composites for automotive and energy storage Functional materials Rheological materials for actuation Textiles Biomaterials - Biomimetic Stent © Inteligent Liquid ©Univ Michigan Superhydropfobic - hydrofilic ©

25 NanoMat - laboratoriesNanoMat - laboratories Systems for energy storage (gas H2, stored in solid state) New types of energy generation (fuel cell with acid fuel) Generation of fuel – electrodes for H2 generation High resistant composites for automotive and energy storage Functional materials Textiles Laboratory of Energy Storage Laboratory of Materials Testing Hydrogen Storage IEL Carbon Fiber on Human Hair © Wikipedia

26 NanoMat - laboratoriesNanoMat - laboratories Light Emitting Nanostructures Photonic crystals Structures for Solar Energy Conversion Fibers Photonics Laboratory of Semiconductor Nanostructures Technology Laboratory of Photonics Applications Laboratory of Solar Energy Conversion OLED ©MATIN Nanowires © IBM Photonic crystal ©Uni Karlsruhe Plactic solar cell ©KONARKA Luxeon LED © Philips Lumiled Pressure sensor ©MEAS Semiconductor lasers, diodes Sensors (gas, liquid, pressure, air pollution monitoring) Detectors Quantum dots Solar panels on plastic Polymer fibres Photonic crystals Cryptography modules

27 NanoMat - laboratoriesNanoMat - laboratories Temperature Sensors Microvibrometers Microoptical elements Medical devices Healthcare Nondestructive testing for Bio and materials THz detection and imaging Laboratory of Silicon Micromechanics, MEMS, MOEMS Laboratory of Lab on Chip Laboratory of Microdevices for Nanotoxicology and Nanomarkers Imaging Lab-on-chip ©Caliper Milipede - nanolitografia © IBM SYSTEMS – System for toxicology on chip; Inteligent car; Detection and mesurement; New Technologies for ICT


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