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NATIONAL INDABA FEEDBACK “Addressing the inequities” 25 th February 2012.

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1 NATIONAL INDABA FEEDBACK “Addressing the inequities” 25 th February 2012

2 YOUTH SPORT: Facing the inequities 15% 85%

3 New section heading GUIDING DOCUMENTS ……. 1 1. National Sport & Recreation Plan (NSRP) VISION 2020  Active Nation  Winning Nation  Enabling Environment 2. Transformation Charter & Score Cards Access Skill and Capacity Development Demographic Profile Performance Contribution to Government priorities Good Governance

4 GUIDING DOCUMENTS ……2 3. The South African Coaching Framework  System o South African Sport for Life (SAS4L) o Long Term Participant Development (LTPD) o Long Term Coaches Development (LTCD)  Coaches’ Education o Children’s Coaching - Pre-Coach o Participation Coaching - Volunteer Coach o Talent Coaching -Professional Volunteer o High Performance Coaching- Professional Coach  Impact o Measure the quantity and quality of coaching o Measure the continuous improvement against defined outcomes

5 New section heading FIRST PRINCIPLE 1.National Minister - Principal authority on sport 2.SASCOC - Supreme delivery partner 3.National Federations - Custodian of sport 4.Sport Councils – Monitoring & Evaluation 5.Demarcations – Geo political boundaries {Education boundaries mirrored within}

6 INDABA RESOLUTIONS …… 1 1.Mass Participation Programme – basis for Recreation and Sport Development 2.Programme delivery in 53 Districts in South Africa 3.Federation employed School Sport Co-ordinator per code (16) per province 4.Federation based Coach Developers (3) per District 5.Merit selection according to set criteria

7 New section heading PARTICIPATION PATHWAY 1.Skills Development 2.Talent Identification ⁻ District - Provincial - National 3. National Youth Olympic GAMES (Replaces SA GAMES) 4.International participation INDABA RESOLUTIONS …. 2

8 MOU on School Sport & Action Plan Roles & Responsibilities of : -  DBE – all roles will include funding responsibilities  SRSA – all roles will include funding responsibilities  Provincial Government & Local Government  School Sport Code Coordinating Committee  Federations

9 New section heading SOUTH AFRICAN FRAMEWORK Sport 4 Life ACTIVE START ( 0 to 6 yrs) Physical Literacy ACTIVE 4 LIFE Excellence FUNdamentals (6 to 9 yrs) LEARN TO TRAIN (9 to 12 yrs) TRAIN TO TRAIN (13 to 16 yrs) TRAIN TO COMPETE (16 to 23 yrs) TRAIN TO WIN ( 19 yrs ….

10 New section heading Physical Literacy Excellence Primary School High School Tertiary Career MOD High Schools MOD Primary Schools MOD Rec Centres Sport 4 Life RECREATION MOD RECREATION CENTRES MOD SPORT CLUB DEVELOPMENT MOD FOCUS CAREER BASED SPORT RECREATION REC

11 New section heading ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES  Role of DBE / WCED Curriculum determination – Physical Education Curriculum enrichment – Mass participation Intra / Interschool leagues Educator / Teacher development  Role of SRSA / DCAS Support structures – TID systems Provide support & expertise to SS CODE structures Promote competitive & elite School Sport Prepare delivery of athletes

12 New section heading YOUTH SPORT: School Sport & Club Sport YOUTH SPORT: School Sport & Club Sport Physical Education CLUB SPORT (After-school Hours) SCHOOL SPORT (After-school Hours) School Enrichment Player Talent Developme nt Inter- school Leagues Winning School Talent Identification /Trials Representative School Team (DBE) Representative Selected Team (SRSA) District Level Selected Teams (SRSA) District Level Tournaments for Schools (DBE) Provincial Level Selected Teams (SRSA) South African YOUTH OLYMPIC Games International Code Tournaments for Selected Teams Provincial Level Tournaments for Schools (DBE) South African TOP SCHOOLS Games ISF After School Hours @ SHARP Centres After School Hours @ Schools Player Skills Developme nt During School Hours @ Schools After School Hours @ MOD Centres Coach Developme nt for Educators & Volunteers Teacher Developme nt for In-service Teachers DBE SRSA DBE & SRSA SASCOC SRSASASCOC

13 New section heading YOUTH SPORT: The Federation Structure Provincial Sport Council (Affiliated) Regional / District Sport Council (Affiliated) Masters / Veterans Senior Club Sport Junior Club Sport School Sport Recreational Sport

14 New section heading YOUTH SPORT: 2012 - 2014 STEP 1: School Sport DBE a.Physical EducationDBE b.Inter-School Local LeaguesDBE c.Introduction of MOD Programme (Skills Development) conceptSRSA d.Basic equipment distribution to identified poor schools (quintile 1)SRSA e. Coaches, Technical Officials, Administrators and Team Managers Training and Development ProgrammesSRSA STEP 2: Local Level Sport SRSA a.Inter-School Local Leagues (Midweek)DBE b.Federation Age-group Leagues(Saturday)SASCOC STEP 3: District Level & Provincial Club SportSRSA a.Talent Selection & Development ProgrammeSRSA /SASCOC STEP 4: Tournaments a.SA Top SchoolsDBE/SRSA/SASCOC b.International Schools Federation (ISF) GamesSRSA/SASCOC c.SA Youth OlympicsSRSA/SASCOC d.International Youth Olympic (IYO) GamesSRSA/SASCOC

15 Thank you

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