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DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA SPORT FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES Presentation to the portfolio committee on sport and recreation Cape Town - 28 August.

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2 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA SPORT FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES Presentation to the portfolio committee on sport and recreation Cape Town - 28 August 2001

3 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA AGENDA History Activities Sporting achievements Structures Programmes & methodology (TID, HPP) Funding Challenges Our commitment Cooperation with the portfolio committee Conclusion

4 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA History South African Paraplegic Games Association formed 1960 - wheelchair only Expanded to include visually impaired, amputees and those with cerebral palsy in 1978 NAPCOSA formed in 1994 which included Deaf and intellectually impaired DISSA formed in 2001 to incorporate all disabilities and programs

5 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA Active Sports Alpine skiing Archery Athletics Badminton Basketball Boccia Bowls Cricket Cross-country Cycling Equestrian Golf Goalball Hokker Lawn Bowls Netball Powerlifting Rugby Sailing Shooting Soccer Swimming Table Tennis Volleyball Wheelchair dance Wheelchair rugby Wheelchair tennis [Baseball]

6 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA Sporting achievements 1996 Atlanta Paralympics 5 world records 2 Paralympic records 10 gold (athletics, bowls, swimming) 8 silver (athletics, bowls, swimming) 10 bronze (athletics, bowls, shooting, swimming) 41 athletes competed in 5 sports 11% black, 28% women 2000 Sydney Paralympics 8 world records 13 gold (athletics & swimming) 12 silver (athletics & swimming) 13 bronze (athletics, cycling, powerlifting, swimming) 64 athletes competed in 9 sports 28% black, 28% women

7 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA 2001 Sporting Achievements Deaflympic Games 2001 2 Deaf world records 2 Deaflympic records 8 gold medals (athletics, swimming) 2 silver medals (athletics, swimming) 3 bronze medals (athletics, swimming) INAS-FID World Athletics Championships 1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze CP-ISRA Games 9 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze, 2 world records World Blind Bowls Championships 5 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze + team trophy

8 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA Structures Seven different disability groups –Amputee –Cerebral palsy –Deaf –Intellectually Impaired –Les autres –Visually impaired –Spinal cord injuries Current affiliates –Physically disabled –Intellectually Impaired –Deaf Not affiliated (unity process underway) –Special Olympics

9 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA Status DISSA recognised as controlling body for sportspersons with disability by: –IPC –ASCOD –Ministry of Sport and Recreation –Sport and Recreation South Africa –South African Sports Commission –National Olympic Committee of SA –Supreme Council - Zone VI –SA Commonwealth Games Association –Office on the Status of Disabled Persons –SA Federal Council on Disability

10 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA Programmes Strategy –Inclusion –Use of able bodied sports structures –Development in SCSA Zone VI Focus –Effective grass roots structures –Development of regular competition at local level –Identification and nurturing of talent

11 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA Methodology Coordinated approach on delivery (uniformity through inclusion) Development of a comprehensive database and informative website Establishment of unified DISSA provincial structures Presentation of Provincial and National Championships (on an inclusion basis where possible) Establishment of disability specific sports code bodies serving all disability groups Implementation of inclusion agreements with able- bodied federations

12 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA Talent Identification and Development Local events –National championships –Inter–provincial championships –Zonal (local) competition –SCSA Zone VI competition People development –Coaches courses –Technical officials courses –Athlete development –Classifiers courses –Administrators courses –Development projects –Sports days

13 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA High Performance Programme Effective programs focused on developing identified athletes, classifiers and officials with potential Selective attendance at international sports meetings for experience and qualification Support of regional competition within Africa to provide additional competition opportunities Focus on sports that have the capability of reaching gold balanced against representivity (disability, gender, rural and disadvantage) and individual vs team sports Cooperation with the Sports Information and Science Agency and CSIR

14 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA Funding Acceptance that we have to develop our own funding sources Current sources –Government (less than 5%) –Sponsorship (limited to major events and programmes) –Mainstream sports federations (through inclusion programmes) Current budget 2001-4: R22 million for Paralympic sport

15 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA Challenges faced Costs: equipment Accessible facilities Transportation & parking Inclusion and the education system (different definitions, training of educators) Attitudes The media and access (improving) Confusion between the roles of S&RSA and the Sports Commission

16 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA Our commitment To facilitate inclusion at all levels while not compromising service delivery to our constituents To work with all disability groups To work with all able-bodied federations To promote sport for the disabled in Zone VI: “the African Decade on Disability” To promote equity issues within our structures: gender, disability, rural, black, HIV/AIDS status To ensure that every person with a disability can reach their full sporting potential

17 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA Partnership with the portfolio committee Encourage inter-governmental department coordination (health, welfare, sport & recreation, education) Address disability grants Address problems with transport Address facility coordination and accessibility: built, to be built, hire costs Encourage physical education in schools with educators trained Coordinated national programme vs provincial (and municipal) competence Issue to be “top of mind” for constituency work

18 DISABILITY SPORT SOUTH AFRICA Conclusion Eliminate duplication Cooperate with other sports bodies Close cooperation with Government at all levels Dedicated and hard working people –staff –volunteers

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