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Scientific Method-Define words underlined

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1 KEY CONCEPT Science is a way of thinking, questioning, and gathering evidence.

2 Scientific Method-Define words underlined
Inquire, question, wonder, recognize, research a problem Observe Form Hypothesis-a statement that can be tested Experiment (dependent variable and independent variable-control) Constants Record data ( qualitative-descriptive-observations) and (quantitative) Analyze data Draw conclusions Compare and validate (verify) Form a Theory Establish a Law

3 Like all science, biology is a process of inquiry.
Observing- using the senses or tools to gather information data -recorded observations

4 hypotheses- ask a question and try to explain observation experiments - test of the hypothesis, collect data to support or reject a hypothesis

5 Analyzing data- to draw conclusions
Evaluating results data and conclusions are studied to determine validity

6 Experiments – a test of the hypothsie that uses variables of find cause and effect relationships
Independent variables –the conditions that are manipulated.- the “cause” Dependent variables -the factor that is observed and measured – the effect. Constants are conditions that are kept the same.

7 A theory –a proposed explantion for a wide range of observation and results that is supported by a wide range of observations. Theories can change based on new evidence.

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