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The Scientific Method ♫ A Way to Solve a Problem ♫

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2 The Scientific Method ♫ A Way to Solve a Problem ♫

3 What is the Scientific Method? It is the steps someone takes to identify a question, develop a hypothesis, design and carry out steps or procedures to test the hypothesis, and document observations and findings to share with someone else. In other words, it’s a way to solve a problem.

4 The steps of the Scientific Method are: Question or Problem Research Hypothesis Procedure/Experiment Data Conclusion

5 Scientist have to take the time to think logically when they are investigating a question or problem. They break things down into many steps that make sense.

6 Scientists develop a question, gather information and form an hypothesis.

7 The next step scientists take is to create and conduct an experiment to test their hypothesis.

8 A key to experiments is observing what happens and writing it down. Gathering information or data and documenting it so it is readable and makes sense to others is really important.

9 Once a scientist completes an experiment, they often repeat it to see if they get the same findings and results. This is really what we call verification, or checking things out to make sure everything was valid and will happen again and again.

10 Scientists share their experiments and findings with others. Because they share their experiments and findings, scientists can learn from each other and often use someone else’s experiences to help them with what they are studying or doing.

11 Theory – scientific fact or Law Example Gravity Bias – unfair, interpreting new information incorrectly

12 Variable - measurable factor. something that might be expected to vary over time or between individuals Independent Variable - values that are controlled or selected by the experimenter Dependent Variable - that which is being measured, also known as response variable

13 In measuring the amount of color removed from a carrot samples at different temperatures, the dependent variable would be the amount of pigment removed, because it is depending on the temperature (which is the independent variable). In measuring the acceleration of a vehicle, time is usually the independent variable and speed is the dependent variable. This is because when taking measurements, times are usually predetermined, and the resulting speed of the vehicle is recorded at those times. As far as the experiment is concerned, the speed is dependent on the time. Since the decision is made to measure the speed at certain times, time is the independent variable.



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