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Equipping Tutors for the Future Are you ready? Update on the Professionalisation of Post 16 Tutors in the Lifelong Learning Sector Vikki Trace.

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1 Equipping Tutors for the Future Are you ready? Update on the Professionalisation of Post 16 Tutors in the Lifelong Learning Sector Vikki Trace

2 Background Learning and Skills Act 2000 Success for all – 2001 OFSTED report on ITT 2003 DfES (Standards Unit) – 2004 White Paper - 2005

3 Equipping our Tutors for the Future Introduces the concept of Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status Reforms teacher training – Initial Teaching Award (ITALS) leading to QTLS, with intermediate awards Requires all new and unqulified teachers to register with the IfL from September 2007 Introduces the Licence to Practise, maintained through demonstrating good standing - including an annual commitment to CPD Key Points from the document

4 The White Paper….. Further Education: Raising Skills, Improving Life Chances All teaching practitioners to fulfil, at the very least, 30 hours of CPD a year, with a reduced amount for part time teachers, and with similar expectations of managers and leaders Teaching staff to maintain a portfolio of CPD that shows evidence of industrial/subject updating, including membership of appropriate professional bodies, development of skills in subject teaching, the effective application of e-learning techniques, application of diversity and equal opportunity principles, and use of learner feedback to improve performance Teaching practitioners to be professionally registered in order to maintain their licence to practise.

5 A New Professionalism A New Professionalism Regulated entry Qualifications framework Defined role boundaries Measurable skills and professional knowledge Code of conduct and/or ethics Commitment to post-qualification development Professional independence

6 Professionalism means….. Nobody expects a doctor, accountant or lawyer to rely for decades solely on the knowledge, understanding and approach which was available at the time when they began their career. Good professionals are engaged in a journey of self- improvement, always ready to reflect on their own practice in the light of other approaches and to contribute to the development of others by sharing their best practice and insights. They learn from what works. David Blunkett, Professional Development: Support for Teaching and Learning, February 2000

7 Key Players DFES Responsible for Statute Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) – Sector Skills Council for Lifelong Learning Developed new standards Developing the Qualifications Framework Help-line for tutors – 020 7936 5798 Institute for Learning Confer/revoke the License to Practise Maintaining the Membership Management Database Monitoring the recording of CPD LSC 2010 – only funding courses run by appropriately qualified teachers

8 A Framework for Post-16 Learning and Teaching Reform of ITT across Lifelong Learning Sector – 2007 Setting new Professional Standards for those teaching in the Lifelong Learning sector Development of new Qualifications framework for tutors leading to QTLS status Development of License to Practise – QTLS status New CPD framework for tutors

9 New Professional Standards Overarching professional standards for teachers, tutors and trainers in the lifelong learning sector – FE, ACL and WBL Role Specifications – and guidance on interpretation of specifications at different levels 6 Domains in the Standards 3 areas in each domain: Scope/Knowledge and Practice Draft available now - without guidance – currently at DfES Definitive version with guidance available – Sept 06 New QTLS Qualifications will be drawn from these new Standards

10 Overarching Standards for Full QTLS Status Domain A – Professional Values and Practice Domain B – Specialist Area and its Pedagogy Domain C – Planning for Learning Domain D – Learning and Teaching Domain E – Assessment for Learning Domain F – Supporting Access and Progression (

11 QTLS – a teaching workforce fit for purpose From Sept 2007 all new and unqualified tutors in the LLUK Sector to embark on the Initial Award as the beginning of a learning pathway towards QTLS Key Purpose – to provide high quality teaching to help ensure effective opportunities for learning and to enable learners to achieve To contribute to the parity of esteem between traditional teaching in schools and the wider educational sector To provide recognition of professionalism for all teachers/tutors and trainers in the sector

12 New ITT Qualifications – Sept 2007 Threshold qualification Individual Learning Plan Subject Mentor Literacy, Numeracy and e-skills needs identified and addressed Minimum level three 30 guided learning hours Additional time on observed practice Up to 5 years to complete Core and optional elements within a credit based framework Minimum level 5 Minimum 8 observations License to Practise Initial Award QTLS Status Intermediate Awards Specific limited teaching roles at level 3/4 Qualified appropriate to role

13 New CPD Framework The tutor at the centre of the processes, taking responsibility for reflecting on practice and identifying development needs An annual tariff for demonstrating good standing A balance between formal and informal CPD activities Definitions of appropriate CPD activity and, where appropriate, the use of levels Recording requirements through the Membership Management Database with the maintenance of an evidence base (Portfolio, CPD Log, On-line Record)

14 Qualified Teacher – Learning and Skills values all learners individually and equally is committed to lifelong learning and professional development and strives for continuous improvement through reflective practice The Learning and Skills teacher, tutor or trainer

15 QTLS – Are you Ready? What are your teaching qualifications? Keep a Portfolio/Record of your CPD Keep up to date in your subject specialism Attend staff development opportunities Apply to join the CPD pilot project Register with the Institute for Learning (

16 Contact Vikki Trace Staff Development Manager (Continuous Professional Development and Teacher Education) 01629-580000 ext 5743

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