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Assistant Chief Executive, HR

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1 Assistant Chief Executive, HR
Charles Obazuaye Assistant Chief Executive, HR

2 Talent Management - the big picture
Age profile of workforce with significant % of senior post holders ( top three tiers) nearing retirement A cascade of retirement dates within management tiers below senior level Perception of high external fill rate to senior posts Challenge of change & leadership skills needed in local government Changing the culture Succession planning versus equalities Funding source – LPSA money

3 Lack of Talent or Lack of Courage
“People decisions are the most difficult decisions in organisations. The ability to make the right decisions about people represents the most reliable source of competitive advantage because few organisations have it” Peter Drucker

4 Talent Management – Holistic Approach
Pipeline Reward & Recognition Leadership Values REAL Values National Graduate Scheme Bromley Oscars/Stars A Night to Remember!) Internal Management Trainee Scheme REAL Competencies Thank You Culture Future Leaders’ Programme Employment Processes Ideas Aloud! Local PI - % of internal fill rate

5 Creating a talent pipeline
Leadership Values Respect Empower Ambition Learn Leadership competences Performance Appraisal & Development Recognition & Reward Recruitment & selection

6 REAL leadership competences
Leadership is not a function of status or position - we are all capable of leading; however all managers in Bromley should be able to lead Staff workshops to explore values and associated behaviours Draft competence profile – ready for consultation (9 competences) Draft implementation plan – CEX road shows; workshops to remove barriers

7 Performance Appraisal & Development
Refocus PRP scheme on key objectives Introduce 180º Extend management trainee scheme to encourage internal talent Introduce leadership development programme Update and enhance our Management Development Strategy Integrate REAL competences Use 360º appraisals for some groups of staff

8 Management trainee scheme
Joined the national graduate scheme Extended concept to identify ‘internal talent’ to run in parallel Extend scheme to encourage people with disabilities into management

9 TALENT PIPELINE External job market External National Graduate scheme
Use of appraisal system/ to segment performance and spot potential Recruitment & appointments (Use information to inform recruitment & appointments) Use assessment centres to assess level of potential talent in the organisation Talent Pipeline (Create a pipeline of suitable potential applicants) Succession planning (Identify critical posts and future requirements) Upskilling (Develop high fliers) Internal graduate scheme Staff into Mgt Grades programme Mgt Grades as Leaders programme (incl. chief officers) Performance culture based on shared Leadership values

10 Future Leaders Programme – 18 months
Programme preparation: briefings of participants and managers; training of mentors Core Development Elements: REAL Values and competences Personal Dev Plan & mentoring Personal Development: tailored activities Assessment Centre: OPQ, EI, etc Organisational Development: mandatory element Programme completion: Mentoring support to next group Network events Post assessment centre: feedback with chief officer involvement Develop personal development plan Progress review: 4/5 monthly review meetings, use of 360º techniques Secondments, corporate projects , etc

11 Reward & Recognition Bromley stars – 9 awards linked to our values – nominations by the staff Flexible use of honoraria Recognition awards (based on a non consolidated payments)

12 Recruitment & selection
REAL concept integrated into recruitment literature induction of new staff and newly appointed managers management training Integration of competences into job descriptions/person specifications Integration into recruitment interviewing practices

13 Questions?

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