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Burnley Borough Council Lancashire England Gina Cole Organisational Development Specialist.

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1 Burnley Borough Council Lancashire England Gina Cole Organisational Development Specialist


3 Challenges

4 Local Government Reducing workforce and budgets Staff engagement and motivation Change management and ability Capacity building Wellbeing Performance management Workforce planning HR Challenges

5 The journey Burnley Council and IiP ‘03‘04‘05‘06‘07‘08‘09‘10‘11‘12‘13 THE STANDARD FRAMEWORKTHE EXTENDED FRAMEWORK Top team commitment Culture change programme Ambitious development for GOLD and Champion status Commitment to maintain

6 Internal champions Strategic steering group Coordinator and mentor in place: OD strategy Internal review team: trained and responsible for keeping IiP active and developmental The programme and purpose Developing and Internal Review Team

7 Internal champions Organisational benefits Relationship with Managing Assessor Regular internal reviews for continuous improvement Investment in the team Involvement in full GOLD assessment Developing and Internal Review Team

8 Communication

9 Clear strategic intent and commitment Management team Steering group Internal reviews planned Celebrations events, news, additional leave, awards communication Learning and development reps Communicating IiP

10 Planning for change and using the framework as a benchmark Other measures : staff attitude surveys Times best company Coaching culture study Redundancy NLP study Customer satisfaction stats IiP results and targeted actions : a plan, do, review approach across the board Organisational development

11 2009-2012: gap analysis Coaching culture Talent management & Leadership development at all levels: capacity building Apprenticeships and Mentors Health and wellbeing: engagement More visible leadership Organisational Values Innovative learning and celebrating achievement Key areas of focus

12 Using the framework Project to develop internal corporate coaches team : plan, do and review approach Cultural measurement undertaken in 09 & 12 Development activity undertaken Internal review following implementation GOLD Feedback Ensuring coaching is on the learning agenda Coaching culture

13 Developing talent at all levels Using the framework to promote additional activity around this agenda Coaching availability Targeted activity for grades 6-9 from staff survey results A focussed Talent Management programme linked to clear organisational development projects for ROI Increasing opportunities for cross organisational capacity building through key development al roles: increased involvement and participation Talent development

14 Going beyond Reviewing experiences of apprentices Networking forum Developing the mentoring arrangements and organisational learning Braythay challenge Enhancing Apprenticeships

15 The IiP Health and Wellbeing Award Focus on H&W since 2007: wellbeing strategy with clear objectives Specific tangible measures linked to managing attendance, reducing stress and accidents at work Plethora of activities to support H&W A culture of engagement and involvement to improve performance and workplace wellness Accessibility and access strategy Use of standard to focus effort in evaluation Health and Wellbeing

16 Visible leaders IiP, Times Best and staff surveys all showed as a development area Enhanced leadership connections through staff conferences Back to the floor Chat with the Chief Key sponsors for major development activities Actively engaged in learning alongside others Leadership


18 Being bold and ambitious about learning Creative and innovative activities as part of calendar Nominations for learning as a reward Access at all levels Shout about it! Regional recognition and awards Innovation

19 Being bold and ambitious about learning Promotion of learning to increase engagement Year on year increase in staff attitude surveys Developing internal skills as reward and recognition Celebrating achievement Innovation


21 Tangible benefits and measureable improvement GOLD status 97% and Champion status Health and Wellbeing Best Practice award National Training Award Coaching Culture and National Apprenticeship Award European MCC Coaching organisation award 2012 Making a difference award for internal review team and coaches Highest scoring authority for regional Local Government Skills award 94% and regional peer verifiers Awards and the IiP approach

22 What next? Agile working focus Developing PDR appraisal focus more coaching led Champion activity Transformational services online and IT support Reducing workforce and more innovative activty Continuous improvement and assessment

23 Why IiP? old nderstand eturn on investment ew approach earning culture ngage es! BURNLEYBURNLEY

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