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School Funding Reform 2014-15 David May Strategic Finance Manager.

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1 School Funding Reform 2014-15 David May Strategic Finance Manager

2 School Funding 2014/15 – Budget Planning Effective Schools Forums Timeline Dedicated Schools Grant Other Funding Allocations

3 Effective Schools Forums Partnership: shared understanding of the priorities, issues and concern of schools, academies and LA. Effective Support by LA in an efficient and professional manner Open, honest and objective advice from LA Responsiveness to requests from school forum members Strategic View of the whole of the educational community whilst acting as representative of the group that has elected them Challenge and Scrutiny of proposals

4 Timetable 2014-15 12 DecPupil data and factors published (LA’s can estimate their 2014-15 DSG school block allocation) 18 DecDfE confirms DSG schools block allocation for 2014- 15 (prior to Academy recoupment) 23 DecLAs submit 2014-15 academic year HNB place numbers

5 Timetable 2014-15 16 JanSchool Forum agrees formula to be submitted to EFA 21 JanLAs submit final pro-forma to EFA 23 JanSchool Funding Briefing Session 28 FebDeadline for LA to confirm budgets for their maintained schools 31 MarDeadline for EFA to confirm academies budgets EFA Confirm High Need Block Allocation for 2014-15 June 2014Early Years Block Updated for January 2014 Early Years pupil numbers April 2015Early Years Block Updated for January 2015 Early Years pupil numbers (7/12 adj – Sept 14 – Mar 15)

6 School Funding Reform 2013/15 - Overview New Funding System introduced in 2013/14 that –ensures as much funding reaches schools as possible; –provides equivalent and consistent funding between maintained schools and Academies; and –supports the needs of pupils. Simplification of local formulae is a major change and the first substantive step towards a national funding formula

7 Dedicated Schools Grant - Funding Blocks 2013/14 DSG Dedicated Schools Grant Pupil No’s GUF 2013 / 14Total ££m Early Years2,5205,11616.034 Schools Block35,0734,536159.145 High Needs Block 21.172 Total37,593 196.351 Academy Recoupment (24)10,89852.566 Adjusted DSG26,695143.785

8 EYSFF 2014/15 Funding Allocation –Provisional Allocation – December 2013 –Updated Allocation (Jan 14 Count) – June 2014 –Final Allocation (Jan 15 Count) – April 2015 Review of Formula –Significant change - Need to ensure appropriate full consultation –Delay implementation until April 2015 Financial Risk and Cost (£0.500m) –Projected Outturn 2013/2014 – Deficit £0.225m –Change in pupil data and baseline information – Contingency £0.275

9 Schools Block Awaiting data and funding allocations Impact of updated data Change in Pupil numbers –Primary + 343 –Secondary – 722 PFI Implications MFG protection Key Agenda Item – January 2014

10 Centrally Retained Services - Can be centrally retained before allocating formula but no new commitments or increases in expenditure from 2013-14 (Schools Forum approval is required to confirm the amounts on each line) Admissions (£203,676) Servicing of Schools Forum (£44,642) Capital expenditure funded from revenue (£0) Contribution to combined budgets (£0) Schools budget centrally funded termination of employment costs – Historic costs (£245,000) Schools budget funded prudential borrowing costs (£0) Schools budget funded SEN Transport costs (£0)

11 Centrally Retained Services - Can be centrally retained before allocating formula with agreement of Schools Forum Funding for significant pre-16 pupil growth, including new schools set up to meet basic need, whether maintained, academy or free school * Funding to enable all schools to meet the infant class size requirement Funding for falling rolls to prepare for a future population bulge * Equal pay back-pay Places in independent schools for non-SEN pupils Remission of boarding fees at maintained schools and academies Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and Music Publishers Association (MPA) licences (£100,000) * Need to consider implications

12 High Needs Block Significant Change Significant Risk Projected Overspend in 2013/14 Limited flexibility Prudent provision 2014/15 Schools Forum – January 2014

13 DSG - Summary Turbulence and Risk with the new System Brought Forward 2012/2013 Underspend of £0.320m 2013/14 – Key Issues – 3&4 year old and HNB 2014/15 – Key Risks – 3&4 year old and HNB Need to use any Unused DSG from 2012/13 and 2013/14 to manage the risk

14 Pupil Premium 2013/2014 Pupil Premium is £900 for disadvantaged pupils & Service Premium is £300 per pupil 2014/2015 final year of 4 year phased implementation = £2.5bn Limited information available at this stage £1,300 Primary Pupil Premium in 2014/15 increase of £400 from Sept 2014 £945 for Secondary Pupil Premium in 2014/15 increased from £900 from Sept 2014 Expect December with the funding announcement

15 Free school lunch for every child in infant school Headline information released New Money confirmed Need the detail to understand funding implications What value to be received per Meal Impact and implication will defer based on the individual profile of each school

16 Education Services Grant introduced in 2013/14 Allocated to local authorities and academies on a simple per-pupil basis according to the number of pupils for whom they are responsible Local Authority receives £15 per pupil for statutory functions relating to all pupils Local Authority receives £116 per pupil for additional responsibilities relating to Maintained Schools Academies receives £150 per pupil for additional responsibilities relating to Academy status. Over time the Academy rate will reduce to the Local Authority Rate (Academy rate in 2014/15 £140 per pupil) Local Authority funding is reduced as schools become Academies

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