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© University of Reading 2008 IT Services 20 April 2014 Remedy for IT Support Staff IT Supporters – 14 Jan 2008.

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1 © University of Reading IT Services 20 April 2014 Remedy for IT Support Staff IT Supporters – 14 Jan 2008

2 History Additional Support for IT Support Staff – lunchtime event 15 May 2007 =14486&sID=63947 =14486&sID=63947 conclusion: Remedy will be trialled with a few schools so that best modes of working can be identified Remedy demonstration – lunchtime event 12 June

3 Remedy Trial When? – started towards end of autumn term Who? – School of Law – School of Biological Sciences – Department of Real Estate & Planning – School of Chemistry, Food Biosciences & Pharmacy – Department of Mathematics 3

4 Remedy teams and functional accounts Teams control who tickets can be assigned to – you can assign tickets to: others in your team the functional accounts Functional accounts – allow tickets to be assigned to different areas in ITS, e.g. ITS Help Distributed Support Systems & Communications – have * at beginning of name e.g. *ITS Help Service 4

5 Teams and functional accounts Schools in trial have: – a special functional account starting with ~ – a team containing all staff involved in trial in that school e.g. for SBS: – functional account: ~sbs-itsupport – team: SBS – SBS staff can assign tickets to each other and to main functional accounts – SBS staff cannot assign tickets to IT staff in other schools 5

6 into Remedy We have provided an address for IT support calls: – – e.g. sent to this address triggers: – automatic conversion of into a ticket – automatic response to sender giving ticket number – automatic assigning of ticket to ~sbs-itsupport 6

7 from Remedy when is sent to – goes to the functional account – ITS can set up forwarding to any address within SBS to alert staff to incoming ticket when ticket is assigned to ~sbs-itsupport by ITS – goes to the functional account (as above) – goes to user to say that ticket is no longer with ITS 7

8 from Remedy can user from within Remedy – can choose whether this comes from: person owning ticket (ticket assignee) 8

9 ITS Help tickets raised by ITS Help can be passed to IT support staff in schools if user calls ITS Help to query progress: – ITS Help can see ticket is with school – ITS Help will inform user that ticket is with school – ITS Help may suggest user contacts school IT staff – ITS Help may update ticket so that school staff are aware of call – ITS Help may call school IT staff 9

10 Flagging IT support staff IT support staff flagged in Remedy ** IT Supporter ** pops up alongside status field HR have provided a list of staff likely to be IT support staff – need to update Remedy list – need to maintain list 10

11 Supported by info in Remedy ITS have been using this to indicate which functional account provides support to particular groups of users can indicate that support only given to users with particular status – e.g. can indicate that support is given to staff & PGRs but not UGs to do: – update for school IT support staff – update when new username format comes in 11

12 Feedback good to receive tickets from ITS when problems are reported to ITS good record of outstanding tasks useful audit log better routes in to ITS? feel part of a larger organisation better way to organise work 12

13 Feedback getting used to system – time logging details – generated from Remedy – simultaneous updates by more than one person – reminders of outstanding tickets 13

14 Next stages further testing by those on trial determine if any major issues further feedback to IT support staff feedback to AGITS roll out further 14

15 Questions How would you use Remedy in your school? – recording tasks – level of logging – ease of re-assigning tickets within team between you & ITS – ITS can pass tickets to school IT staff 15

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