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Group Infrastructure Project Systems Research Network June 21 st 2001.

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1 Group Infrastructure Project Systems Research Network June 21 st 2001

2 Background Project to renew and standardise entire Shell Group IT infrastructure 1,500 servers, 85,000 clients Based on Windows 2000 Office computing, messaging, info sharing Smart card and roaming profiles Affects everyone in Shell Group Representative of many large IT projects

3 GI Project Scope GI-Desktop GI-Telecoms Global Support Model

4 Viewpoints Roll-out of standardised IT platform Strategic positioning of IT infrastructure Cost saving – TCO management Globalisation of service delivery to support global businesses Outsourcing E-support (self-help) Change programme

5 Some Hard elements Software engineering Client-server network optimisation Call centre location Project planning Roll-out logistics Call centre operations Economic modelling Tax optimisation in cost recovery and billing

6 Some Soft Elements Politics Governance (decision making) Un-Shell project Different business model for service provider Organisational change for IT community Consultation with staff bodies Change in ways of working

7 Change Dimensions The GI project will change fundamentally all aspects of IT service provision for services within the scope of GI. The project is breaking new ground in all areas. Technology Win95, Win98, etc toWin 2K Multiple E-mail systemstoMSX 2K Multiple WAN standardsto Single managed WAN PC based data & softwaretoServer data & software Personal ComputertoPersonal Connection (smart card) Commercial / Business Processes Manual request Locally differentiated ServicestoCommon GI Service Locally differentiated dealstoSingle Group Deal Many supplier contractsto Global Group contracts SSI commercial modelto'Cost +' business model SSI NIATto Group Value People Distributed supportto Centralised support Shell staffto PIMA High cost locationsto Low cost locations Business & SSI support & mgttoSSI support & management Personal Computerto Personal Connection (smart card)

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