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IT 211 Project Integration and Deployment Lab #11.

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1 IT 211 Project Integration and Deployment Lab #11

2 Outline Integrate your solutions in single project. Five step for Project deployment. Essential resources for C#. Net.

3 Project Integration Two solutions can be integrated in the same project. Follow the following steps: 1.Make sure that the project is not open in the IDE (this step is extremely important) 2.Copy both project in the same folder.

4 Project Integration 3. Open an IDE then open Main solution that contains the startup form of project.

5 Project Integration 4. Select file Add Exiting Project 5. Choose SecondProject in our case and open C# solution file(SecondProject.csproj).

6 Project Integration 6. Two project files will displayed in solution explorer. 7. In FirstProject solution right click Add Reference.

7 Project Integration 8. The above windows will displayed 9. Select Project tab you will see SecondProject in the project Name. 10. Select SecondProject then press OK.

8 Project Integration Now, all the Forms in SecondProject Can be Opened In the FirstProject Form(s). But You Should know the NameSpace of SecondProject. NameSpace.FormX VariableName= new NameSpace. FormX (); VariableName.Show();

9 Project deployment Project deployment means: How to convert your project to a full application executable file (.exe file). There are more than 2 ways in 2013 version – First way, Download the MS visual installer project from visual studio gallery page from this link. Then go through the same old versions steps. be59-0fbf6151054d – Or, download InstallShield software that cooperate with MS to provide high deployment services specially for web or mobile applications. – Others deployments methods, available here

10 Installation: Visit Visual studio website, download from herehere

11 Generate Your Project When you want to convert project to exe file follow the following: – Open your project solution. – Then: Select file – New - Project

12 Generate Your Project “New Project” window will appear. 2- select setup Wizard 5- Press OK 1- visual studio installer 3- Program name 4- select Add to solution

13 Generate Your Project Cont… “Setup Wizard” will start, click “Next”

14 Generate Your Project Cont… 1-select setup to create a Windows Application 2- Press Next

15 Generate Your Project Cont… 1-Check two output group as you see 2- Press Next

16 Generate Your Project Cont… From here you can add files to your project. 1.When you click “Add”, a dialog will be opened to allow you to choose the file you need to add. You can add picture files, sound files, text files, an icon for your project, a read me file …etc. 2.Click “Next”

17 Generate Your Project Cont… Click “Finish”.

18 Generate Your Project Cont… If you create new setup project and didn’t join it with the solution file(missing step4), you need to add your project solution from here 1- right click on setup solution 2- add exiting project 3- select your project

19 Generate Your Project Cont… The setup project is added now to your solution and a “File System” tab is opened.

20 Create Application Shortcut To create a shortcut to your program on the user’s desktop. Click “User’s Desktop”. Right click the empty area on the right. Choose “Create New Shortcut” 2- go to the empty area 1-select user’s Desktop 3- right click choose create New shortcut

21 Create Application Shortcut Cont… Double click “Application Folder”. 1-select Application Folder 2- Press OK

22 Create Application Shortcut Cont… 1-select Primary output 3- Press OK 2-select Active configuration 4- Press OK

23 Create Application Shortcut Cont… A shortcut is added. You can rename it by right click -> Rename.

24 Add Application Icon You can change your project’s icon from the “properties window”. Click button beside Icon properties.

25 Add Application Icon Cont… Click on “User Desktop” then “Add file”

26 Add Application Icon Cont… Select a file..

27 Finish Your Project Deployment From the main menu. Wait until the build succeeds.

28 Testing Go to your project folder. You can see the setup folder added to your project Open it.

29 Testing Cont… You will find a debug folder, Open it. The debug folder contains two files: “your setup name.msi” and “setup.exe”. These two files are the setup files.

30 Testing Cont… To try to install your program click on “setup.exe”. Complete the installation. The project shortcut is on you desktop now.

31 Testing Cont… Double click the icon. Your program runs now.

32 Common Mistake Before anything, you have to make sure you didn’t use current directory in your code. Instead, write the file/folder name directly. Examples: ₋PictureBox1.Image = Image.FromFile("Sunset.jpg") ₋FileName = "myFile.txt"

33 Generate Your Project by using InstallShield For 2010 - 2013 visual studio: - You need to download other material to allow desktop deployment which is InstallShield. - By using InstallShield Limited Edition, you can create a setup file and distribute it to users so that they can install a desktop application or component without being connected to a network. - InstallShield Limited Edition is free for users of all Visual Studio editions except the Express editions - ISLE is a great solution for those customers looking for added capabilities not found in Visual Studio Installer Projects, such as TFS and MSBuild integration, support for creating new web sites and ISO 19770-2 Tagging support, etc

34 Generate Your Project by using InstallShield To enable InstallShield Limited Edition On the menu bar, choose File, New, Project. In the New Project dialog box, expand the Other Project Types node, and then choose the Setup and Deployment node. In the template list, choose Enable InstallShield Limited Edition, and then choose the OK button. In the browser window that opens, read the instructions, and then choose the Go to the download web site link

35 Generate Your Project by using InstallShield “New Project” window will appear. 2-InstallShield3- Press OK 1- Setup and deployment

36 Generate Your Project by using InstallShield How to get InstallShield Limited Edition for Visual Studio Step 1: Verify that your computer has a network connection. Step 2: Go to the download web site. Step 3: Register to download the solution, and install it or save it for deployment to your Team Foundation Server. Step 4: After installation you will need to restart Visual Studio to access InstallShield Limited Edition project type under the Setup and Deployment category.Go to the download web site.

37 Online Example(Project Deployment) : http://www.c- d2005/SetupProjects12022005022406AM /SetupProjects.aspx http://www.c- d2005/SetupProjects12022005022406AM /SetupProjects.aspx To download Awicons pro Reference

38 Free C# Programming E-books & Reviews : Free and open source C# projects Open sources project source ensource.htm ensource.htm C# Web Site

39 Free C# Books: ee-csharp-books.php ee-csharp-books.php C# E-book

40 Any Question ?

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