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UKCCSC Theme A Review 18 th April 2007, Nottingham Adina Bosoaga.

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1 UKCCSC Theme A Review 18 th April 2007, Nottingham Adina Bosoaga

2 Quick review/update of current activities Identify key research topics to address the CCS Possible opportunities Industry partners Future activities

3 Quick review/update of current activities Reading University Overall assessment of lifecycle costs and emissions of fossil fuel supply options - Completed List of fossil fuel supply – defined Methodology applied for PC, NGCC and IGCC-but still need to consider oxyfuel and biomass co-firing (if data is available) Report on life cycle emissions from non-CCS and CCS technologies and comparison to renewable and nuclear – April 2007 Aberdeen University Cost Supply Curves for Capture and Transport, EOR + Storage: 1st paper submitted 2006, 2nd paper May 2007 Assessment of impact of future energy supply scenarios Modelling prospective production of oil and gas from UKCCSC to 2030 – paper submitted 2006 Modelling prospective end of field lives and economic end of infrastructure in UKCCSC to 2030 – paper submitted 2006, further paper May 2007 Transport options & cost modelling – paper submitted 2006

4 Quick review/update of current activities Imperial College High-level review of deployment options High-level CO2 capture plant models, including identifying key operating features Developed steam cycle model for coal-fired plant, initial focus on capture - ready Developed generic capabilities in solvent-based CO2 capture system design Modelling plant flexibility and real-time impacts Cranfield University Technology reviews – completed: Coal gasification and IGCC, Co-gasification of coal with renewable fuels Coal underground gasification technology Pre-combustion capture technologies Lime capture & chemical looping technologies Nottingham University Technology reviews – completed: Gasification cycle data Catalytic cracking of methane at low temperatures Newcastle University UK Source /Sink analysis Technical review for pipeline and ship transport

5 Assessment of impact of future energy supply scenarios oModel for predicting performance, economics and life cycle emissions of different technologies is almost ready to be used for scenario analysis oImpact of future scenarios of the lifecycle analysis of CCS and non-CCS schemes oTechno-economics of CCS in the UK and the impact of different scenarios on the feasibility of CCS Technology reviews oPotential for biomass co-firing with CO 2 capture; Use of H 2 (from pre-com. capture); Post-com capture options; Oxyfuel with coal options; Liquid fuels with polygeneration and CCS from biomass and coal; CO 2 injection and reprocessing plant. Development of amine models using thermodynamics & kinetics Apply steam cycle model to other issues Develop integrated model of power plant with amine capture Continue work on plant flexibility and real-time modelling of power plants with CO 2 capture in electricity network Develop, investigate and assess catalysts which allow photo catalytic reduction in supercritical CO 2 Policy and incentives for capture - Integration Sub-theme Transport options and scenarios for the UK including economic analysis Modelling economic incentives for CO 2 capture transportation Ongoing Activities

6 Identify Key Research Topics To address the CO 2 capture & transport using current UKCCSC work in order to promote our side of technology and with industrial partners support to move on to new proposals in CCS area Identify a number of possible proposals supported from research teams that align with the vision of the current/ future calls

7 Possible Opportunities DTI ( Research councils are also supporting academic partners on recent DTI projects) EPSRC o£2M through the EON/EPSRC partnership opossibly more for CCS through other EPSRC routes, especially for longer term research o£29m cut from its budget by the Government FP7 ECSC ETI o£1 billion budget and a 10-year lifespan TSEC continuation funding?

8 Industry Partners Identify possible industry partners we want to have involved to support our research oDoosan, Alstom, Siemens, RWE, EDF, SSE, Air Products, E.On, BP, Shell, Drax, Scottish Power, Linde, Coal Industry people, AMEC, Sectors which arent power generation…

9 Future Actions UKCCSC Theme A Stakeholder Session o To be held in Cranfield o Possible dates: 13 th or 20 th June – to be confirmed o To report early results o Inform attendees about current UKCCSC plans/ progress o Encourage stakeholder engagement/ support for future work Possible joint papers Draft on each proposed topic agreed in Cranfield meeting as starting point for discussions to the stakeholder meeting

10 Thank you for your attention

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