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Enhancing student engagement, with a culture of learning excellence Pauline Kneale

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1 Enhancing student engagement, with a culture of learning excellence Pauline Kneale

2 If all your students attend all classes, and complete 120 hours real work for every 10 cr module and get first class degrees.... you dont need to be here!

3 Most students settle in and are fine Could they do better?

4 Changing HE Environment A level curriculum and FE Foundation learning - serious contrasts with university styles Background knowledge can be highly variable Disability legislation - support materials are on the web site 2-10 days ahead of lecture slots NSS £9000 plus cost of living

5 KIS Key Information Set

6 HEFCE, Universities UK and GuildHE 2011 Provision of information about higher education efce/2011/11_18/

7 How do we inculcate excellence? I have paid £9000, you teach me I want you to enjoy research And that means doing your own thinking

8 Managing expectations Setting standards Student Quotes No one really explained how university is different to school They tell you it is different but not really how to manage I have always been a good student, but this is not like what we know. We expect to listen, copy stuff out and write it back

9 We expect 10 hours of follow up work per session. Can we drive it more effectively? Reading Lists give options But But Imagine you are in a one hour teaching slot. Can we have multiple tasks running all the time?

10 In groups tackle one topic, posters with post it notes: 1 Increasing the challenge to build more independent working 2 Tactics for success 3 Increasing the research challenges from level 1 / Level 4

11 TASK 1 What are the words, phrases and activities that persuade students to be involved? This session will get you started... Your task is to pursue your own chosen route There is so much we could cover I can only introduce you to... Reading lists are big so that many people can explore many different topics and sub-topics as suit their interests

12 TASK 2 Can we help students to focus on processes more effectively? Tactics – Knowing what to do to get something done Create a set of tactics that will help to motivate you: – Students – Lecturers


14 Task 3 Inter-year research and learning Evolving capstone projects Can we get students from all years working together?

15 What will you do to follow this up? I will type up the posters and email them to you

16 What makes students feel secure? Safe environment to get to know each other quickly Time throughout the course to make introductions first day of class – student-student introductions Safe space to share what is intimidating / difficult - writing, team work / sharing thoughts and ideas / group writing

17 Models for Framing Teaching Facilitators Coaching: person centred; needs effective dialogue; empathy with positive attitude to the student; student does most of the talking; coach asks the questions that lead to reflection and action Good coaches are good at listening! Mentors

18 Style of delivery University teaching.. What is it Never the research seminar model People can / should do different things in the same classroom Chaos is ok because that's what research is like Start in level 1. Be consistent with students

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