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An international perspective on managing plagiarism ….. a personal view ….. what might be useful for you [for us] in the UK Jude Carroll Visiting Fellow,

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1 An international perspective on managing plagiarism ….. a personal view ….. what might be useful for you [for us] in the UK Jude Carroll Visiting Fellow, Royal Technical University, Stockholm

2 Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development Images removed These are pictures of the Royal Technical University in Stockholm where I have been working on plagiarism for one year

3 Earth from the moon: a metaphor for learning about the UK management of plagiarism by travelling to Sweden

4 So, what have I learned? UK has taken many actions for dealing with plagiarism so far….. there is a story to tell. Celebrate the UK focus on pedagogy rather than cheating A paradox: others need our UK focus on pedagogy; we need [a bit] more of their focus on cheating. Trusted, realistic, fast procedures are the key to making it work at all.

5 Policy and procedures: Who would have imagined ….? Plagiarism allows students to bypass learning. No work, no learning, no credit. No change, no understanding, no credit No authorship, no writing skill development, no credit. Im interested in guiding students away from plagiarism because I am committed to learning I spend so much time - with lawyers, policy wonks, senior managers, journalists…..

6 Lesson from Sweden: Its tough when there is no….. History Community Fellow enthusiasts Shared endeavour

7 A brief history of plagiarism in the UK ….. 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

8 Times Higher Education Supplement (06/07) 27 stories about plagiarism Not one headline was positive; 5/27 were neutral, descriptive 22/27 negative or alarming 10 headlines used the word cheat as shorthand for plagiarism Metaphors of physical injury (axed, cut and thrust, enrage, derail) dealing with danger ( rein in, clamp down) loss of control (chaos, despair, fear, confusion, lies, lets cheats off the hook) 14/22 negative headlines were different from the main message of the story

9 What this UK history tells me - Pedagogy and learning now take centre stage in the UK - Policies and procedures are more and more fit for purpose in the 2009 context - Text-matching has moved from the answer to a useful part of …. -Loads of local expertise, local knowledge and local developments -Much left to do…… as today shows Not true elsewhere True everywhere!

10 How much of the world sees it….. Plagiarism is common. Deliberate plagiarism is less common. Repeated, deliberate serious cheating is rare Most academic credit reflects students learning, even if the learning is presented in unacceptable ways. Many new opportunities for cheating Wide literature on effective ways to deter students Plagiarism can be managed in the same way as other learning problems Plagiarism and cheating are synonymous. Plagiarists are cheaters. EITHER: Plagiarism is widespread, uncontrolled and perhaps uncontrollable. Because of widespread cheating including plagiarism, academic awards cannot be trusted as authentic and reliable. OR: Plagiarism? No problem here….. Changes in information technology make plagiarism inevitable. Teachers cannot or will not control it


12 Second discovery: the word plagiarism means absolutely nothing in most countries …. even in Swedish Swedes prefer fusk to plagiat….. And others?…….

13 I worry about lawyers worries. Why? All university rules and regulations are set by the Swedish Parliament – not by the [about] 18 universities. No national rules mention plagiarism. They mention deliberate deception in examinations. All deception must be reported. [People interpret this as meaning all plagiarism must be reported (sic).] Reported cases are managed by a Board. [the VC, an ex judge, 2/3 lawyers, up to six others.] Paperwork and prep takes c. 40 hrs per case/ c. 1 day by a teacher. The average time it takes to decide a case is 11.5 months

14 If a Swedish student is found to have cheated using plagiarism….. there are only 2 penalties: 1.A warning letter 2.A period of withdrawal from the university of up to 6 months (2/3 months is more common) ….. then the student returns and carries on Students can (and do) appeal, up to the highest court in Sweden…. KTH has two cases going through the highest courts at the moment…..

15 Speculate: what do you think is the impact? How many cases of plagiarism are reported from c. 12,000 students each year? How comfortable are teachers to report? How much do teachers trust the system? How much do students understand and/or trust the system? Does it remind you of anything?

16 What we have done to make it better

17 Big push changes I have been aiming for….. 1.…. a policy on PLAGIARISM [All plagiarism is not fusk] 2.Hard work on ways to inform students [Your students are not oven ready] 3.A focus on programmes: [ … teach, practice, feedback] 4.A shared consensus on cheating : [ Where is this line?] 5.Using text-matching tools correctly

18 All over the world, similar things….. More teaching in English More coursework More mobility and diversity More opportunities for faking and finding More stressed and pressed teachers……

19 The audit tool….. this helps people focus Have a look. Five sections. Skim read one or two only ……. You have five minutes…… What do you notice when having a look? Be ready to tell us.

20 Conclusions [tentative…..] 1.… no alternative to the holistic approach – but pedagogy first has meant the UK is downplaying cheating….. ? Too much ?? 2.… need a national shared vision and momentum. Community of practice? 3.Keep lawyers out of it …. but ensure robust treatment by keep QA in! 4.Recognise the impact of English. 5.Share what we in the UK have learned – out there, they are interested. They will take what is useful. 6.Any change takes lots of time….. lots of allies,…… lots of patience

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