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Motivating Your Workforce to Behave Safely A training pack for Dutyholders, Managers and Supervisors.

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1 Motivating Your Workforce to Behave Safely A training pack for Dutyholders, Managers and Supervisors

2 Session 1 Objectives To understand the key risk taking behaviours that lead to the top ten fatalities in construction. To show you that the causes of fatalities are often minor. To remind you that if you do not die you may end up with a health condition or disability that may stop you from working.

3 Exercise 1 What do you think are the main causes of fatalities on construction sites?

4 Top 10 Identified Causes of Fatalities - Fall from a ladder- - Fall through a fragile roof covering - During lifting operations - Being struck by moving plant - Falls from scaffolds - Fall down an internal void - Asphyxiation by fumes - Crushed by falling excavation - Trapped and crushed by MEWP

5 Exercise 2 1. What are the behaviours or actions that would have happened just before this fatality occurred? 2. Why might this have happened? (Think about the management, policy, procedure, worker and team).

6 Exercise 3 1. What could you, as a front line operative, do differently to avoid that fatality from occurring? 2. What do you think management and the organisation could have in place, or do differently, to prevent that fatality occurring?

7 Session 2 Objective To identify common risk scenarios.

8 Using our ABC When we want to investigate the things that lead to safe or unsafe behaviour we sometimes use ABC analysis. It helps us look at those behaviours and work out whether they are likely to happen again. We can use this information to reduce or remove the things that will lead to unsafe behaviour and reduce or remove the things that keep making people behave unsafely. We can also use this information to do more of the things that help people work more safely and to encourage them to keep on doing these. Okay, so lets break the ABC down a bit more!

9 ABC Activators Behaviours Consequences

10 Activators(A) ( What factors lead to risky behaviour?) Behaviours(B) (Risk taking or protective behaviours). Consequences (C) (What factors or events happen as a result of the behaviour?) Fellow workers do not wear hearing protection. Knowledge that hearing protection is supplied. Not wearing hearing protection. Wearing the right PPE for the task. Take risks like your workmates. Risk of damaging hearing. Example of ABC Chart:

11 Think about the situations where youve had an accident or where you escaped a serious incident.

12 Not wearing RPE/face mask when kerb cutting (using vibratory machinery) or block cutting. Silicosis risk. Using gas heaters/generators in enclosed spaces without adequate ventilation. Plant drive walking in front of an excavator while the plant was moving. Storing paving slabs off site that then kills a young child clambering over the slabs. Raising a tipper lorry without checking for overhead power lines. Five examples of poor safety behaviours:

13 There are a variety of consequences to poor safety behaviour. Some take longer to show themselves (e.g. occupational asthma, poor hearing). This is not just about getting killed. You could be left with a disability or poor health. Prevention is straightforward. Everyone is responsible for the health, safety and welfare of workers in this company; this includes you, your workmates, supervisor and manager. Things to Remember!

14 SLAM …and if it is not safe… STOP! Take Control

15 Objectives: To think about the consequences of engaging in poor safety behaviours. To understand that even when things appear to be right not everything will have been anticipated, meaning that accidents can happen. Session 3

16 What happens next? Theres Bob not wearing hearing protection again.

17 Scenario 2 I need to paint at the top there. I cant reach! I know… Ill get a ladder…that should help.

18 Scenario 3 Someone repairing a leaking roof light on a fragile roof using a Youngmans board (60c, wide board, lightweight 1.5-2m board)… What happens next?

19 Someone is about to go down a 2 metre excavation next to this JCB in operation… What happens next?

20 Objective Lets recap on the discussions that have taken place and remind ourselves of the key messages from the sessions…. Session 4

21 The simplest of things can cause fatalities. Accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Accidents can happen as a result of something someone else has done earlier. Disability and death can happen in the present as well as in the future. Prevention is straightforward. Everyone has a shared responsibility. There are ways of overcoming barriers. Workers have the right to STOP (SLAM). Key Messages

22 Thank you for taking part Now go put this into practice!

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